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Melissa Bennett
Graduate and Pre-Professional School Advisor

Melissa Bennett

Graduate & Pre-Professional School Advisor

Considering Graduate School

Graduate school can help you advance your learning, gain expertise, and receive specialized training that can help you build or sustain a career. 

Before you apply to graduate school, it is helpful to understand your reasons. Graduate school is a large investment of both time and money, and so it is best to know the pros and cons before starting out. Here are some things to consider while making your decision:

  • Does your intended career path require advanced study?
  • Are you clear on what areas of study you are interested in pursuing?
  • Do you have a clear timeline to achieve your degree? Will you work while going to school? If so, how will you manage both?
  • Have you thoroughly researched graduate school costs?
  • Have you looked at the requirements for the programs that interest you? Is there testing, GPA, and/or class or major requirements?
  • Do you have career-related work experience that might help you get into graduate school?
  • What will be the return on your investment?
  • Are you clear on what type of program will help you the most?

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