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My Spiked Life

November 7, 2018

Hey guys, this is Cody and Robbie from My Rec Life! This week we had the privilege of interviewing some intramural volleyball players and of learning a few tricks about the game from some very patient teachers.

Robbie: I really enjoy playing volleyball, and try to participate in the intramural league every year. I never played a game of volleyball in high school, so entering college I had no experience playing the game. Kate and Sam, who both play intramural volleyball, are really good, but when it comes to intramurals, people with or without experience can all play together and still have fun. When Cody and I faced Kate and Sam, we definitely had a lack of skill but I still had a lot of fun and was glad to go out, relax, and play. Also, the session was a work out and a half. I was sweating from all the running and diving. I felt like I just went to the gym because I was so exhausted. Personally, I am a person who doesn’t like going to the gym because gathering the motivation is tough. With just a simple set of intramural volleyball games, though, I find myself excited to go and getting a really good workout. I feel that Cody and I put up some incredible athletic talent, but I think we got to give the win to Sam and Kate this time. Until next time!

Cody: Truthfully, I’ve never actually played a game of volleyball, so naturally my initial fear was taking a serve or spike to the face. Thankfully Kate and Sam took it easy on us in the beginning until we (mainly me) started getting a little overconfident. Unsurprisingly, on my first serve the ball didn’t even make it over the net, I actually hit it to the right of the pole and into the street. Needless to say, my ego was shot off the bat. However, as we continued to play it started to come to me naturally and Robbie and I got a couple of good serves in. We ended up having a good run and returned a lot of their serves and hits! Eventually we switched teams so I was paired up with Kate while Robbie was paired with Sam. Kate gave me some pointers about serving and setting the ball. Overall it turned out to be a fun and surprisingly exhausting game.