Religious Observances

Policy Number: PO-59
Effective Date: September 1, 2018
Supersedes: April 6, 2012 (Statement)
Issuing Authority: Provost
Issuing Office: Office of the Provost


Embodying a culturally and spiritually diverse community, Drexel University recognizes that on the occasion of important or solemn religious days, certain of its members will observe practices that preclude them from attending to their regular duties whether as faculty members or students. On the occasion of such days, it is equally important for all who do not share in these same practices to accommodate their colleagues and peers.


Drexel University supports an environment that respects the religious observances of others and is committed to making every reasonable effort to accommodate the religious observances of faculty, students, and professional staff.

Instructors should reasonably accommodate students' religious observances in course scheduling. Accommodations must allow observing members to fully participate in the educational activity or program. Instructors should provide a syllabus at the beginning of the term that specifies the examination schedule for their course and due dates for any written or oral assignments. With that information, students can then inform instructors of any absences or conflicts with the examination / assignment schedule due to religious observances at the beginning of the quarter in advance of an anticipated absence. Students may be asked to provide information about their religious obligations.

The student and their instructors should develop mutually agreed upon and reasonable accommodations. In the event that such accommodations cannot be developed, the student may appeal to the Dean of their College or School who may consult with the Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture (“EIC”).

An instructor may request to reschedule a course meeting because it conflicts with their religious observance. Such a request should be coordinated with the Department Head and Office of the University Registrar office well in advance of the religious holiday and noted in the syllabus so that accommodations can be implemented.

EIC is also available to work with individuals, including faculty, professional staff, and students, to provide information, resources, and options about reasonable accommodations, at any stage in the process.


All faculty, students, and professional staff


The religious observances calendar developed by the Drexel Interfaith Council provides a non-exhaustive list of globally-recognized religious observances.