Readmission after Military Service

  • Issuing Office: Office of the Provost
  • Issued: September 21, 2009

Policy Statement

In August 2008, the Higher Education Opportunity Act ("HEOA") was enacted by Congress. The HEOA has extensive provisions affecting many areas of university operations, including financial aid, crime reporting, textbook pricing, and accreditation. In addition, the HEOA included provisions governing the readmission of veterans to institutions of higher education.

In general, students who notify an institution of their intent to return within three years of the end of their military service are entitled to readmission with the same academic standing and status as the student had when the student last attended the institution. With some exceptions, the readmission requirement does not apply if the length of military service exceeded five years.

A student who submits an application for readmission must provide the institution with evidence that the student has not exceeded the length of service requirement, as well as that the student left the service in good standing.