Leave of Absence

No.: PROV-X-081618
Effective Date: September 10, 2018
Issuing Authority: Provost
Issuing Office: Office of the Provost

CLASSIFICATION: Student Assessment (Examinations/Grades)


This policy provides a framework for students who must interrupt their studies choosing to take a leave of absence.


Students must sometimes interrupt their studies for a variety of reasons (academic, medical, financial, or personal). Students choosing to take a leave of absence must first contact their academic advisor to initiate the process.

A student may leave the University by either withdrawing from the university (with no intention of returning, see Withdrawal from the University) or by taking a leave of absence (with the intention of returning).


Undergraduate and Graduate Quarter Students


  • International students who are attending Drexel holding an F1 or J1 visa must consult with the International Students and Scholars Services prior to initiating a leave of absence
  • All students are encouraged to consult with Drexel Central regarding billing and financial aid before initiating a leave of absence with their academic advisor
  • A leave of absence occurring during the quarter will take effect on a date as determined by the Office of the University Registrar based on the circumstances surrounding the student’s request for a Leave of Absence.
  • A leave of absence can be requested for a minimum of one quarter and up to a max of four quarters. If a student requests a leave for the max number of terms, they will need to be officially readmitted, when they return to the university.
  • Students who are on a leave of absence are not permitted to live in university housing, attend or be enrolled in classes or maintain employment as students at the University while their leave is in effect
  • A leave of absence initiated after the last day of the term will take effect beginning the next term and processed accordingly by the University's Registrar's Office
  • If a student requests a leave of absence, the recording of student courses and grades will be accommodated as follows:
  • Students requesting a leave of absence within the drop/add period will result in all courses being dropped for the term
  • Students requesting a leave of absence during the course withdrawal period (week 2-7) will result in all courses being withdrawn for the term
  • Students requesting a leave of absence in week 8 of the term and up until the end of final exam week should work with the faculty to negotiate an INC (see INC policy) or receive the grades earned grades up to that point in time, or students have a one-time option to withdraw from all courses (earning W’s) for the term, with the leave taking effect beginning the next term.
  • Students requesting a leave of absence after the end of the final exam week for any given term, will result in permanent grades assigned by the instructor, for that term, and the leave taking effect the next effective term.
  • Complete and return the clinical treatment provider report [PDF], if the leave of absence from the university was classified as medical
  • Meet with academic advisor to review academic plan of study and progression toward degree
  • Meet with Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC) if enrolled in a Co-op program
  • Meet with Drexel Central to review Billing and Financial Aid


Students who are receiving stipends will have these suspended during their leaves. Continuous registration requirements will not apply while the student is on approved leave. Doctoral students returning from leave of absence should contact their supervising professor or academic department at the start of this process.

Furthermore, a leave of absence does not extend the time limits allowed for completion of degree. See Time to Completion/Length of Study policy and Petition for Increase Time to Completion option. Students on F-1 or J-1 visas must consult with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services before requesting a leave.