The High School Advanced Credit Policy

Policy Title: High School Advanced Course Credit
Effective Date: September 2020
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Policy has been updated with a crosswalk to establish equivalencies between high school advanced credit courses and existing Drexel University courses.


The purpose of this policy is to determine the Drexel University course (or courses) for which the high school examinations identified in the section “Statement of Policy” meet equivalent learning outcomes.


Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Curriculum and Education


Drexel University accepts advanced credit from standardized advanced credit examinations upon satisfactory performance as defined by individual academic programs. Up-to-date examination-to-course crosswalks are maintained for the following standardized examinations:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) High Level (HL). (Standard Level (SL) not accepted)
  • A Levels/Cambridge (AS Level not accepted)
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams
  • Programa de Nivel Avanzado (PNA)
  • DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

Drexel University also accepts the following for elective credit only based on an official Joint Services Transcript (JST).

  • ACE (American Council on Education) Credits


Departments will determine the course (or courses) for which the examinations identified in section II meet equivalent learning outcomes. Course equivalencies will be applied uniform across the University and will be documented in crosswalks. Programs may not change the equivalencies to meet the plan of study but programs may, at their discretion, apply the equivalent courses to their programs as appropriate.


Where the learning outcomes do not align with a specific Drexel course, departments may award credit for a special topics course (e.g., HIST T180, PSY T280, etc.), disciplinary elective credit (e.g., Business elective TSBE 099, Science elective TSCE 099, etc.), or Transfer General Free Elective credit (TGFE 099) only as noted in each relevant crosswalk.

Joint Services Transcript credits as certified by ACE may only be accepted as TGFE 099. TGFE 099 credit applied must not exceed the number of elective credits required in the student’s program of study.


All advanced credit submissions received by Drexel prior to the start of a student’s first term will be considered for application to the student record. Credit received by Drexel University after a student has begun classes may be accepted and applied to the student record will not retroactively be applied to a class already taken or currently in progress.

Official reports or official transcripts must be received by Drexel for credit to be awarded. Transfer students must send official reports and/or transcripts to Drexel for any course that appears on the transcript of another institution to receive credit.

Any request to process credit after the student has matriculated must be submitted in writing to the student’s academic advisor. The advisor will forward the request with recommendations to the advising lead or designee.


Once the request is submitted, the following needs to be determined:

  • The course credit information must be in Banner or student must request that it be sent electronically from the appropriate source.
  • The student cannot have attempted the course at Drexel
  • The advising lead or designee will review the appropriate crosswalk for the year the student entered the University and respond to student/advisor with a determination as to whether the student may receive credit. Students will only receive credit in accordance with the policy the year they entered.


In consultation with and approval from their academic unit, a student may be placed in an advanced course in the subject or may substitute another course or credit-bearing activity in its place.

A student awarded credit for a Drexel course(s) from an approved, advanced credit examination has the right to refuse the credit and take the course at Drexel University. Students are not required to accept advanced credit if, in consultation with an academic advisor, it is decided that it is in the student’s best interest to take the course at Drexel. The student must notify their advisor of the decision to refuse the credit to have the advanced credit removed from the student’s record.

Students may not receive advanced course credit for any courses for which they are enrolled at Drexel and did not drop during the add/drop period. Students may not receive duplicate credit for an equivalent course taken elsewhere. Students who withdraw from a course may not apply advanced credit for that course.


The University seeks to assure the success of all students. Certain academic subjects require a placement exam. Where student placement exam scores suggest that a student may not be adequately prepared to be placed in an advanced course in that subject, an academic program may require the student to take a course(s) at Drexel University for which they have requested advanced credit.


A maximum of 36 quarter credits may be accepted for advanced credit for entering students. Advanced credits will not change a student’s class standing in their freshman year.


Faculty, advisers, undergraduate students


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Crosswalk for determining advanced high school credit.