Change of Academic Program - Undergraduate Students

  • Revision Approval Date: 9/6/16
  • Revision Effective Date: 9/6/16
  • Issuing Authority: Provost
  • Implementing Office: Office of the Provost

Purpose and Application

Students who wish to transfer from one academic major to another may do so in accordance with this policy.

Statement of Policy

Undergraduate students who transfer from one academic program (i.e., academic major) to another, within the University, may do so at the discretion of the new academic program as determined by the program Advisor, Department Head, and/or Dean. Some academic programs maintain minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements for transfer within the University.

The 'Change of Academic Program' form must be submitted by the end of the first week of the term in which the change is to be effective. Any academic program change submitted after the first week of the current term will be effective for the following term.

Populations Affected

All undergraduate students

Related Policies and Procedures

A list of academic programs can be found in the University Catalog.

A 'Change of Major Program' Form can only be obtained in counsel with the Advisor of the new program or major. The new Advisor submits the form and authorizes acceptance of the student into the new academic program. Students are required to sign the form acknowledging the change.