Annual Review

Policy Statement

The recruitment, development, retention and advancement of faculty are of paramount importance to a college or University. This section will concern itself with development, retention and advancement of faculty through an annual review.

Each dean shall require that each department head conduct an annual review with each member of the department's full-time faculty. The review shall cover, but not be limited to:

  • the communication of University , college and departmental goals and individual expectations;
  • evaluation of the faculty member's past year's performance;
  • the basis for determining the individual faculty member's yearly salary increase, and;
  • a written summary signed by the department head and the faculty member in order to ascertain that the faculty member has been made aware of the report. It is understood that the faculty member has the right to submit a statement.

It is expected that within the parameters stated above, each department will develop its individual guidelines and procedures for the annual faculty review.