Academic Standing: Undergraduate Students

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 1, 2008
REVISION DATE: September 1, 2021
SUPERSEDES: Academic Standing: Undergraduate Students
RESPONSIBLE EXECUTIVE: Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Undergraduate Education, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

I. Purpose and Application

The undergraduate student Academic Standing policy defines the minimum requirements for continued enrollment at Drexel University to support successful student progress, minimize time-to-degree, and assist the evaluation of satisfactory academic progress towards the granting of an undergraduate degree.

II. Scope

This policy applies to undergraduate students at the university.

III. Implementation

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the Office of University Registrar. For inquiries regarding this Policy, please contact Office of University Registrar,

IV. Statement of Policy and Procedure

Academic Standing is determined each term that a student is registered. Academic Standing is based on term grade point average (GPA) and cumulative GPA. The categories of Academic Standing are as follows: Good Academic Standing; Probation; Continued on Probation; Dismissed and Reinstated; Academic Dismissal; and Permanent Dismissal. These categories are reflected on the academic transcript. This policy sets minimum University standards for Academic Standing; some Colleges/Schools may set more stringent standards for these academic standing categories by program. One example of note is the division of Nursing within the College of Nursing and Health Professions, which has different standards for Academic Standing. Because these standards may vary by program, all students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor as well as review the nursing student handbook regarding specific standards.

Good Academic Standing

Good Academic Standing is assigned by earning a term GPA and cumulative GPA that meets the minimum standard of 2.00.


An undergraduate student is placed on Probation if either the term or cumulative GPA falls below the established minimum 2.00 grade point average standard. Students who are placed on Probation are required to meet with their academic advisor and complete an Academic Agreement by end-of-day Friday of the first week of the subsequent term. Students are formally notified of Probation by email from the Office of the University Registrar.

Continued on Probation

An undergraduate student on Probation who does not meet minimum term or cumulative GPA requirements but is making academic progress in keeping with the standards of the College/School may be put into the category of Continued on Probation. After the initial term that the student was placed on Probation, the student may remain on Continued on Probation status for up to three terms providing continued academic progress is being made in accordance with their academic plan.

Academic Dismissal

An undergraduate student who has four consecutive terms for Probation or fails to meet the requirement of the terms of their academic probation will be Academically Dismissed from the University.

A student who earns a term or cumulative GPA less than 1.00 in any term is subject to Academic Dismissal.

Notification of Academic Dismissal

Students are formally notified of Academic Dismissal by email from the Office of the University Registrar.

Appeal of Academic Dismissal

Students have the right to appeal the Academic Dismissal in accordance with the procedures outlined below:

  • A student has until Monday of the first week of the next academic term in which they are scheduled to be enrolled (class or co-op) to appeal the Academic Dismissal.
  • The student will follow the procedures for academic appeals of their respective College/School.
  • Once the appeal is submitted to the respective College/School, the College/School or program appeal committee has sole discretion to determine if an interview with the student is warranted.
  • After an Academic Dismissal has been appealed to the appeal committee of the College/School and the dismissal has been upheld, the student may submit an appeal to the Dean (or equivalent) of the College/School.
  • The decision of the Dean (or equivalent) of the College/School is considered final, and there are no further avenues for appeal.

If a student does not appeal their Academic Dismissal by Monday of the first week of the next academic term in which they are scheduled to be enrolled (class or co-op), at that point, the student will be considered Permanently Dismissed.

Dismissed and Reinstated

If the Appeal of Academic Dismissal is approved by the Dean (or equivalent position) of the College/School, the student will then be classified as Dismissed and Reinstated. Upon reinstatement, the student must then achieve term and cumulative GPAs set by the College/School within a maximum of two consecutive terms immediately following their reinstatement based on an approved remediation plan developed between the academic advisor and the student. The academic decision to Dismiss and Reinstate a student resides with the Office of the Dean (or equivalent) of the respective College/School. If a Reinstatement is not granted, the student is Permanently Dismissed without the right to appeal. A student may be dismissed and reinstated to the University a maximum of two times. Subsequent Academic Dismissal will result in Permanent Dismissal from the University without the right to appeal.

Permanent Dismissal

A student who has been Permanently Dismissed may not appeal to return to the University in any program.


A student’s initial appeal to the college committee must be received by the end of Monday of week 1 of the next expected term of course enrollment and should include:

  • Personal statement regarding factors contributing to poor academic performance
  • Explanation as to why the dismissal decision should be reversed
  • Documentation of extenuating circumstances

The appeal to the Dean must include:

  • A copy of the original appeal to the committee
  • A copy of the response upholding the original decision
  • Any new information supporting the appeal


  • Should the student be reinstated from dismissal, they will be required to develop an academic recovery contract, establishing term GPA minimum(s) and specific requirements that may include minimum course grades, course withdrawal and Incomplete grade limits.

Change of Major

  • In some instances, a student may be reinstated by a College/School other than the student’s home College/School as long as the student has not been Permanently Dismissed from the University. Such a reinstatement must be accompanied by an official change of major program.

V. Keywords and Definitions

  • Academic Dismissal
  • Continued Probation
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Probation
  • Permanent Dismissal
  • Reinstatement

VI. Related Policies, Forms and Resources

A. Related Policies

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B. Forms and Resources

Appendix A: BNS Nursing Handbook in Drexel Learn

VII. Policy History

Revision Date: September 16, 2016
Revision Date: September 1, 2021