Dragon '24 Call for Applications


An initiative that gives me perhaps the most pride as Provost is the creation of The Dragon ’24. By now, you may have met a member of this Provost’s Advisory Student Circle that began in 2016. The Dragon ’24 consists of 24 student leaders who represent the diverse programs, backgrounds and cultures of Drexel University. Over the initial 18 months of the program, the inaugural members have significantly impacted all corners of our academic landscape. Dragon ’24 members have provided invaluable counsel to the Office of the Provost while hosting several community sessions, organizing important lectures concerning current events, developing new approaches for information gathering to enhance the community, sitting on the Board of Trustees and President/Provost committees, speaking at alumni and donor ceremonies, attending faculty and professional staff events, providing just-in-time important feedback for the changing academic policies, and showing up in university brochures and videos. We also manage to have fun - the Mannequin Challenge, Drexel Basketball games, or just hanging out. Inaugural Members include Sofia Bastida, Tauheed Baukman, David Benson, Steven Blumberg, Nika Chugh, Molly Cuka, Errick Davis, Alexandra De Los Reyes, Tori Graf, Mahmoud Hallak, Keshaun Hinmon, Tamim Hossain, Matthew Mecoli, Nohra Murad, Helen Murray, Angeline Petit-Frere, Anas Qatanani, Dipika Sharma, Hassan Sheikh, Shania Smith, Brendan Stec, Whitney Stevens, Daniel Synoski, and Emmanuel Valery.

New Dragon ’24 Membership

Once a member of the Dragon ’24, always a member. In fact, members will have their names on a plaque in the Office of the Provost. However, it is time to replenish the ranks. We are soliciting applications to fill positions vacated by outgoing seniors. New members, starting next academic year, will join the existing group to bring fresh perspectives and energy as we move into the next phase of Dragon ’24 initiatives. Selected students will display: a genuine love and sense of pride for Drexel University, leadership potential, communication skills, academic excellence, and the inclination to meet new people representing the University.

Membership in Dragon ’24 is open to all full-time students who anticipate graduating on or after Spring 2019. Members are selected by current members of the Dragon ’24 and an University Advisory Council appointed and chaired by the Provost.

What to expect as a Dragon ’24 Member

Although it is understood that a student’s first priority is academic endeavors, Dragon ’24 students are expected to be representatives of Drexel University’s Provost’s Advisory Student Circle by actively attending meetings, engaging in activities, participating in the Drexel community, and representing the University with maturity and professionalism.

Dragon ’24 meets quarterly with the Provost to discuss initiatives that align with Drexel’s academic mission and to discuss topics relevant to students. The goal is to continually enhance the academic environment on our campuses from the perspective of our most engaged students. Membership in Dragon ’24 is an honor that will be recognized for life and requires students to be actively engaged and connected to the Drexel community. Members of Dragon ’24:

  • Attend monthly Dragon ’24 meetings (typically held in the evenings)
  • Meet with the Provost quarterly
  • Respond to all communications in a timely manner
  • Participate and/or lead group activities
  • Foster collaborations with other students to make a lasting, positive difference in the educational experience at Drexel
  • Gain a greater understanding of Drexel University and higher education overall
  • Travel, if available, with faculty/administration to communicate the Drexel Advantage
  • Attend University events as representatives of the Provost’s Student Advisory Circle
  • Serve the University and its alumni as hosts and hostesses for various occasions, prospective student recruiting, and other designated University events
  • Remain connected to Drexel University as engaged alumni

Applying to Dragon ‘24

Interested applicants should contact a current Dragon ’24 student or email dragon24@drexel.edu to introduce himself or herself and request an interview with a Dragon ’24 member. Applications are due by June 21st and all interviews will be completed by July 7th. Applicants who meet the criteria and are recommended to continue their applications will be notified and move on to the next step.

In the second round of the Dragon ’24 application process, applicants will submit an original video that either discusses a vision for Drexel University that aligns with the academic mission or highlights a unique and current strength of the institution. Videos should be submitted electronically to dragon24@drexel.edu or post online and send the link to the dragon24@drexel.edu no later than July 19th. The body of the email should include the student’s full name, contact information, degree program(s), number of credit hours, and a brief personal statement. New members will be selected by the University Advisory Council and notified during the summer.

Students should send videos that are original and provocative, but by submitting the videos they implicitly agree that the material can be used in Dragon ’24 initiatives.

For more information about the Dragon ’24, please visit the Dragon ’24 website.