This message was sent to all faculty and staff on June 10, 2021.

  • Drexel University requires all faculty and professional staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than August 1, 2021.
  • Buildings (and summer classes) return to pre-pandemic occupancy levels.
  • Drexel community members and visitors no longer need to check in via the Health Checker before coming to campus.
  • On-campus events no longer need approval from the Return Oversight Committee; organizers must keep lists of attendees and follow additional guidelines.
  • Face masks are still required indoors, and eating indoors is still restricted to designated areas.

Dear Members of the Drexel Community,

Across the nation and in our region, cases of COVID-19 infection continue to decrease. This is also our experience at Drexel among our campus community. This marked decrease in disease is the direct result of a marked increase in widespread vaccination, and it affords us the ability to return to pre-pandemic conditions throughout the University. Our individual and collective health and safety remain paramount as we continue to progress toward a full return to campus.

Drexel’s Vaccine Requirements

Immunization against COVID-19 remains the most important and responsible step we can take to protect ourselves and those around us. Drexel previously announced that all students are required to be vaccinated to return to campus for the fall term with consideration for medical and religious reasons.

To ensure the safety of our community, Drexel University will also be requiring all faculty and professional staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to their return to campus, no later than August 1, 2021. Employees within the College of Nursing and Health Professions as well as the College of Medicine should consult with their managers to ensure they follow any additional school-specific guidelines.

We ask that all employees log into the Drexel Health Checker app and properly record their COVID-19 vaccination status. When on the app, click "More" in the bottom right corner and select "Vaccine Records." Choose the vaccine type from the drop-down menu, enter the date of your dose and lot number, and then upload a photo of your record. Click "Save." If you receive a two-dose vaccine, you will need to record your first dose before you can add your final dose. When you upload a photo of your vaccination card, note that the dates on your vaccination card must match the dates you enter on the Health Checker. This information should be submitted no later than August 1st. Faculty members and professional staff hired after August 1st are expected to update their records as soon as possible once they have their Drexel credentials.

Drexel University recognizes that some individuals may not be able to obtain vaccinations due to medical and/or religious reasons. Medical and religious exemptions will be granted based on the specific circumstances of each request, but our expectation is that Drexel's population on campus will overwhelmingly consist of vaccinated individuals. Should you have questions, please contact your HR Business Partner.

Individuals who qualify for vaccination exemption due to medical/religious reasons, as well as those who are not fully vaccinated or who do not disclose their vaccine status, will be required to continue to comply with daily health check-ins via the Drexel Tracker App, undergo weekly COVID-screening testing, wear masks indoors at all times and take other appropriate steps to protect themselves. Unvaccinated persons should consult with their primary care provider concerning steps to take for their personal health and safety.

Obtaining Vaccines

Drexel University strongly encourages all eligible community members to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible. To provide the Drexel community with the safety and opportunity afforded by vaccination and prepare for a vaccinated campus community in Academic Year 2021-2022, Drexel is making vaccine available to all students, faculty and professional staff on a regular basis. Information can be found on our website.

Vaccination is easier than ever. The City of Philadelphia has greatly expanded vaccination options for those who work or live in Philadelphia. Click here to see the many options to schedule your vaccine appointment in Philadelphia. No matter where you are in the United States, you can always visit, text your zip code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233 to conveniently find a vaccination site near you.

Building Occupancy Returns to Normal

The City of Philadelphia lifted all occupancy restrictions on June 2nd. Today, we are excited to announce that Drexel will also be returning to normal occupancy in buildings and workspaces. Accordingly, classrooms, labs and other University spaces across campus can now be used at 100% capacity. Vaccinated individuals can expect a return to campus that matches pre-pandemic conditions. Social distancing restrictions will no longer be enforced within Drexel buildings or campus spaces. After Commencement, Facilities will begin removing signage related to movement and distancing restrictions, although some protective measures such as plastic shielding may remain in place. Laboratories and summer classes can return to pre-pandemic occupancy. You must maintain lists of visitors in case future contact tracing activities are required.

No More Daily Check-ins

Effective immediately, vaccinated Drexel students, faculty and professional staff are no longer required to check in daily using the Health Checker before arriving on campus. Visitors are also no longer required to use the Health Checker for approval to visit campus.

All Drexel community members should report any symptoms of COVID-19 through the Drexel Health Checker and schedule a test if you suspect you may have contracted COVID-19.

No Approval Needed for Events

On-campus events, whether indoor or outdoor, no longer require approval from the Return Oversight Committee. However, event organizers must maintain lists of all event attendees in case contact tracing is required, and attendees must follow indoor mask requirements. See full event guidelines for indoor and outdoor events posted on the Response to Coronavirus website.

Please Keep Your Mask On

Face masks are still required inside all campus buildings at this time, regardless of whether you are fully vaccinated. Masks may only be removed if you are in a private office, alone with the door closed. Mask protocols may change during the summer for vaccinated persons, depending on further campus and City data.

Indoor Eating Remains Restricted

Eating indoors is still restricted to designated spaces and private offices with the door closed during this time to keep unvaccinated individuals safe. We anticipate these guidelines will soon be eased but note that the summer is a transition time when increasing numbers of students are becoming vaccinated.

Coping with Reentry Anxiety

With these announcements and the lifting of restrictions, we understand that some individuals may experience some anxiety or conflicting emotions as we return to an in-person working and learning environment. We encourage members of our community to be supportive of one another and continue to seek the support they need as each of us navigate through this period of transition. For more information on mental health resources, please visit Drexel’s Response to Coronavirus website.

Thank you for helping to make Drexel's reopening possible. We are thrilled to be able to welcome you back to campus soon.

Please remain safe and in good health until then.


John Fry

Helen Y. Bowman
Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer

Paul E. Jensen
Executive Vice President and Nina Henderson Provost and University Professor

Marla J. Gold, MD
Senior Vice Provost for Community Health and Chief Wellness Officer