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Week 3: Things You Should Start Working on Now

October 5, 2012

Rebecca Walker

Busy students at Drexel often get caught up in the moment by studying for exams or stressing about co-op.  Although those are extremely important aspects of our Drexel education, there are many items we must not overlook in order to reach our optimal selves.  Consider the following top tips of what you should consider now so you can ultimately have an even brighter future (and possibly an easier time getting there).

Become Involved

Nowadays, employers for our cooperative educational experience and professional jobs do not primarily look for a 4.0 GPA (or close to it).  Well-rounded students who are able to maintain a good GPA but are also involved and passionate in other areas will make a résumé glow in their eyes.  Whether you’re involved in Greek Life, pre-professional organizations or different student organizations and clubs, these commitments help build character and goals for your future.   Not only is involvement wonderful for your credentials when applying for jobs, it is a great tool for networking and helps many people, students especially, find their niche.

Maintain Organization

While some of us may have already mastered the 10-week, super-fast quarters, some of us may struggle to find our equilibrium while stuck in the academic tornado better known as Drexel University.  It is important, whether you are a freshman just starting out or a senior preparing for the professional world, to stay organized with classes, meetings and events.  For some of us, having a physical or computerized planner with lists and reminders keep our schedules (and minds) straight.  Additionally, having folders, notebooks or binders labeled with each class we’re taking can help keep your papers tidy and easy to find.  Since it is the 21st century, organizing your class documents via organized folders on your laptop encourages the importance to “go green.”  Whichever technique works for you, it really does help your success as a student and future professional.

Manage Your Time Effectively 

It is often difficult to manage your time when you are going from class to class to meeting to an event and eventually to the library to cram for an exam.  While staying organized was emphasized above, it is also important to manage your time effectively in order to complete all of your duties.  Since you are able to utilize your already existing or newfound organizational skills, it is essential to map out each of your days, weeks, and/or months in order to know when you have class, meetings, exams, events, study time and free time.  This will allow you to have a structured lifestyle that will enhance your ability to succeed but also take time for yourself.

Take Time for Yourself

Although the pressure of maintaining good grades, having an active presence on campus and in the community as well as applying for co-op positions are essential for success, it is also important to take a half-day or a full day of each week to spend on something that you truly enjoy.  Whether you sleep, read a book, go for a run, take a trip to your favorite location or spend time with friends, try to avoid “burning out” before you finish the quarter.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Not only is it important to be physically healthy, but maintaining an autonomous lifestyle in all aspects of health (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually) is crucial to any human being.  Finding what works for you is where it all begins.  Whether you enjoy running around the city, exercising at the gym, taking walks along the river, reading a book, meditating, listening to music, or spending time with friends—just take time out of your life to enjoy the simple things. It will allow you to be able to stay focused on your studies when it is time to get down to business.

Start Building Professional Relationships
It is essential, especially in the struggling economy, to utilize our resources and build professional relationships for our future after college.  What makes Drexel so unique is the co-op program, which allows students to build relationships with important professionals.  The opportunities we have been granted gives us the chance to leave a lasting impression on managers who have the power to hire us after our six-month work period is up.  Additionally, it is important to attend extra-curricular pre-professional and professional events that provide opportunity for networking with professionals in the fields we are interested in.