Brush Up on Responsible Drinking and Emergency Protocols

Public Safety & U — March 2024
SAFE instructors and class participants from LeBow College of Business posing together after an informative self-protection session!
SAFE instructors and class participants from the Bennett S. LeBow College of Business posing together after an informative self-protection session.

With St. Patrick's Day and spring break on the horizon, Public Safety would like to share important tips with the Drexel community about how to celebrate safely during these longer, warmer days ahead. Learn how to party responsibly and prepare for emergency situations. Plus: Get to know the Drexel Police Department's two newly promoted lieutenants.

How to Celebrate Spring Break and St. Paddy’s Responsibly

Whether you’re a student or a parent, faculty or professional staff member who interacts with students, please review and share the following framework for navigating alcohol consumption during spring celebrations and activities in a safe, sensible manner.

Please note: Underage drinking is not permitted on campus, nor supported by Drexel Public Safety (DPS). If you are going to consume alcohol, DPS and the office of Student Conduct & Care recommend doing so responsibly. Drinking in moderation and being mindful of one's limits, pacing, and planning are all crucial for ensuring social gatherings remain safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Know when to abstain entirely. There are times when not drinking at all is the wisest choice, such as when operating motor vehicles, caring for others, or if you are underage.
  • Don’t let your intoxicated friends get into a cab or car service, such as Uber or Lyft, alone.
  • Be aware of alcohol's effects on judgment and decision-making. Impairment can lead to risky behaviors.
  • Don't ever feel pressured to drink against your will. Respect your own boundaries and those of others.
  • If a friend appears dangerously intoxicated, don't hesitate to seek medical attention. Alcohol poisoning can be life-threatening. Review the information on the Responsible Dragon Amnesty Program for more information.
  • Most drugs and alcohol do not mix well; be sure to read warning labels.
  • Alcohol and sexual activity do not mix; you must give and receive consent no matter how much you or the other party has been drinking.

Responsible drinking is about more than just avoiding self-harm — it's a matter of respect for those around us as well. Promoting a culture of moderation and looking out for one another can help ensure alcohol remains an enhancer of social experiences rather than a detriment.

Drink Responsibly/
Keep your head. Drink responsibly.

How to Help in an Alcohol Emergency

Do you know what to look for to determine if you’re witnessing an alcohol-related emergency? Normal everyday actions such as breathing, regular heartbeat and gag reflexes can be impeded when alcohol begins to suppress our nervous system. These functions will slow and may ultimately stop when alcohol consumption has been excessive.

If you suspect an alcohol emergency, call 215.895.2222 or 911 right away. Please remember that alcohol emergencies are medical emergencies and need to be addressed immediately. Paramedics and law enforcement are on your side and here to help.

If you or a loved one are experiencing problems with addiction, please utilize available resources such as:

The Responsible Dragon Amnesty Program (RDAP)

RDAP is a policy through Drexel University and the Office of Student Conduct & Care that provides amnesty from disciplinary action for students or student organizations who seek medical assistance during an alcohol or drug related emergency. All Dragons are encouraged to become familiar with this life-saving policy.

What to Do if You Witness Suspicious Activity

While out and about, you may be unsure whether what you have seen or heard constitutes a call to the police. Here are a few examples of events about which you should call Drexel Police at 215.895.2222:

  • Unusual noises, including screaming, fighting or breaking glass
  • Vehicles driving slowly or aimlessly through the campus
  • People peering into parked vehicles that they do not own
  • People who change their behavior when they realize that you or someone else sees them
  • Abandoned packages or suitcases in unusual places

When in doubt, call DPS at 215.895.2222, or if off-campus, call 911.

Protect Your Bike (and Other Property)

Public Safety suggests all Dragons register their bicycles and other property with us. You can learn all about the Property Registration Program on the DPS website.

We also urge riders to use a U-Lock to securely lock up their bikes while on campus. In need of a proper U-Lock?  Stop by Drexel Police Headquarters, 3219 Arch St., with your bicycle to get it registered and receive a free U-Lock.

A room full of Drexel Public Safety officials in a row.
From left to right: Vice President and Chief of Police Mel Singleton, Captain Bob Lis, Lt. Fendy Santiago, Lt. Charlie Barone and Deputy Chief Adams.

Get to Know Us: Lt. Santiago and Lt. Barone

Congratulations to newly promoted Drexel University Police Department Lieutenants Fendy Santiago and Charlie Barone! Both lieutenants took a few minutes to share some information about themselves:

Lt. Santiago has been a police officer for close to 30 years, 14 of which have been with the DUPD. He serves as lead firearms instructor, active shooter instructor, fleet manager, chairperson for the police officer interview panel and director and creator of the Cadet Outreach Program. He also kickstarted DUPD’s Cookies with Cops events. One of his favorite parts of the job is helping complete different departmental projects. His go-to campus food is chicken shawarma from Ed’s Pizza, and one of his most memorable experiences was going on a safari in South Africa. Lt. Santiago encourages everyone to reach out to DPS if you need help and to be proactive in keeping yourself safe.

Lt. Barone has been a police officer for almost 35 years, seven of which have been at Drexel University. His favorite part of the job: being able to help people, whether it is by arresting a suspect who victimized someone, assisting a student who lost property, or aiding a stranded motorist. Fun fact: Lt. Barone once played an extra in an Adam Sandler movie, “Hustle” (2022), in a scene with Queen Latifah! Lt. Barone’s message to the community is, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Community Commitments

Cookies with Cops: March 21

Public Safety will be on Korman Quad on March 21 starting at 1 p.m. Hope to see you for some cookies, hot chocolate and friendly conversations!

Students learning self-defense.
A recent SAFE class in which a group of colleagues from LeBow College of Business participated together.

Check Out DPS’ Two-part SAFE Course

Public Safety’s self-protection program, Self-Awareness for Everyone (SAFE), is open to any student, faculty or staff member looking to develop skills for fostering their personal safety. Due to the hands-on nature of the class, we strongly recommend you register with a fellow Dragon. Participation in the techniques is recommended, but not required. Registration is required 72 hours prior to the class. You can register via Eventbrite for these classes, which are also available by request for your group. Watch a class in action in this video feature created by Drexel students.

  • SAFE I classes will be offered the second week of every month on Monday and Wednesday from 5–7 p.m. Upcoming classes are on April 8 and April 10.
  • SAFE II classes will be offered the fourth week of every month on Monday and Wednesday from 5–7 p.m. and cannot be taken until you have completed SAFE I. Upcoming classes are on March 25, April 22, and April 24.

Additional DPS Educational Programs

You can request any of the following presentations and trainings by completing the Request a Presentation Form.

  • Your Safety Is Our Goal: This virtual workshop is a great way to learn how to stay aware of your surroundings and always be prepared, not scared, when moving through the city.
  • Fire & Emergency Services, Emergency Preparedness: Offered by request, these tailored, data-driven awareness and training programs address how to prevent and respond to fires, medical emergencies, elevator entrapments, power outages, gas leaks, and other emergencies.
  • Public Safety & U Workplace Safety Program: This educational program can be customized to address the unique security challenges of your unit.

We Are Here for You When You Need Us

Please call 215.895.2222 immediately if you experience or witness a crime. Drexel’s Public Safety Communications Center is staffed 24/7 to serve you, whether or not you choose to remain anonymous when making a report. It is vital that crimes are reported promptly to Drexel Police so that they can be investigated, and so that Public Safety can connect the victim(s) with proper resources. You can also contact DPS through the Drexel Guardian app. Drexel Guardian will not track you nor share your information unless you initiate an emergency. To download the app, search for “Rave Guardian” in the app store or Google Play store.

Emergency Numbers

215.895.2222 or 911
TTY: 215.571.4141

Walking Escorts