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Watch: Self-Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) Feature

August 8, 2023

Curious about Self-Awareness for Everyone (SAFE), Drexel Public Safety's two-part self-protection course? Then, this feature is for you! Check out the video above to learn from both instructors and participants about all you'll gain from the program.

This video was created by Drexel film majors Shayna Tamburo, '25, and Nate Bogosian, '25.

For more information about SAFE, visit Public Safety's website, register on Eventbrite, or email Linda Moran at

Text Transcript

SAFE Instructor: We’re gonna throw that jab, we’re gonna go – bwah. And see how I’m turning my head?

Nate Bogosian (voiceover): These students are participants in SAFE, a free self-protection program created by Drexel University’s Public Safety Department.

Linda Moran: We came up with the SAFE program, which the acronym would basically be, “Self-Awareness for Everyone.”

Nate Bogosian (voiceover): Linda Moran has worked with the Public Safety Department for nearly nine years. She says the SAFE program is a resource for all members of the Drexel community.

Linda Moran: I know we’ve presented it to a lot of the different sports teams, like the women’s soccer team, field hockey. Then we just hold monthly sessions that anybody that’s student, faculty or staff can participate in.

Nate Bogosian (voiceover): Amy Spiller is the Victim Services Coordinator for the department. She encourages everyone to attend those monthly sessions.

Amy Spiller: It doesn’t matter your sex. We’re teaching you the skills in order for you to survive an attack.

Nate Bogosian (voiceover): Drexel Police Officer Dave Hubert played a key role in developing SAFE. He leads the classes alongside fellow officers.

Dave Hubert: Violence isn’t really a natural thing for us, right? Our goal is to just give you a little bit of self-confidence.

Nate Bogosian (voiceover): And with that boost in confidence comes some surprising discoveries.

Dave Hubert: Some of the students that we’ve had have never been physical ever in their lives. So when we do do some of the practicals, they’re amazed to realize that they have the physical tools necessary to defend themselves if need be.

Nate Bogosian (voiceover): Officer Hubert says the lessons are about much more than self-defense tactics.

Dave Hubert: We get to teach a toolset that is important, but more importantly, we communicate, and we have a lot of fun while we do it.

Nate Bogosian (voiceover): Participants we spoke to say the lessons they learned during the SAFE classes are skills they’ll carry with them throughout their future.

SAFE Participant: Knowing that I had the power to do something and actually practicing the moves, and kind of seeing how much of an impact I can make on a punch or something like that, I feel a lot more confident now with that.

Nate Bogosian: From the Drexel University Public Safety office building, Nate Bogosian.