Heard Around Campus — March

Heard Around Campus

April showers bring May flowers, but what did March bring to Drexel’s campus? Catch up on the important news and updates from the University this month, including Drexel’s updated retirement policy, academic awards, construction updates and more.

Here's what was heard around campus this month. 

Voluntary Retirement Incentive Plan and Benefit Changes

President John A. Fry sent an email March 20 notifying the Drexel community about changes to the University’s retirement plan. After June 30 (or Aug. 31 for faculty on nine-month contracts), the retiree medical subsidy of $300 per month each per retiree and spouse/domestic partner will be discontinued, though Drexel retirees still will be able to participate in retiree medical plans at group rates negotiated by the University. Any retiree already on the plan, or any faculty or professional staff member who retires by June 30 (or Aug. 31 for faculty on nine-month contracts) will receive the subsidy. 

While these changes are being implemented, the administration will adopt an enhanced Voluntary Retirement Incentive Plan (VRIP), a one-time opportunity for eligible faculty and professional staff who elect to retire at the end of this fiscal year (or on Aug. 31 for faculty on nine-month contracts). The plan will increase the tenure buyout from 50 percent to 75 percent of annual salary for this fiscal year only, while also providing a one-time buyout of three months' salary for nontenured faculty and professional staff.

Inspire a Child to Dream Day Returns to Drexel on Thursday, April 27

Children aged 6 through 12 of Drexel University faculty and professional staff members, including the Academy of Natural Sciences and Drexel University Online, are invited to attend this annual day of learning and fun activities. This year’s activities include an exclusive trip for fun activities at the Academy.

Faculty and professional staff must register their children by March 31 in order to attend this year's Inspire a Child to Dream Day. Drexel Human Resources is unable to accommodate walk-ins on the day of the event.

here to view complete details about the event and to register your child.

Awards for Academic Advising

Academic advisers have long worked with faculty and professional staff to guide student learning and student success — and Drexel’s inaugural Academic Advising Awards (Exemplary Academic Advising Award and Innovation in Academic Advising) this year will recognize their extraordinary contributions. If you work with an exceptional academic adviser, you can nominate them through the Drexel University Funding Portal.

Drexel and U.S. Immigration Policy Changes

In the wake of the executive order on travel and immigration, Drexel has created a page full of information on U.S. policy changes and University resources to help those who may be affected.

Drexel University advises that anyone from any of the six countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) affected by the revised entry ban in President Donald Trump’s Executive Order who wishes to travel and apply for a waiver should click here.

Catch up on The Drexel InterView’s 125th Anniversary Episodes

The Drexel InterView produced three episodes dedicated to Drexel University's 125th anniversary year celebration. Each episode features a Drexel faculty guest in conversation with show host and Dean of the Pennoni Honors College Paula Marantz Cohen, along with an additional guest representing the fields of art, science and industry (in accordance with the triad inscribed on the modern-day University seal).

Additionally, Rachel Tinkelman, an undergraduate film and video major and The Drexel InterView production assistant, produced a montage with highlights from the three episodes that can also be watched.

Check out The Drexel InterView’s 125th anniversary videos here.

Construction Updates:

Korman Center Addition: Construction is in progress for an addition to the existing Korman Center building that will add much-needed student common space while updating the building's appearance. Work to date has focused on demolition, interior framing and installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Micropiles and grade beams to support the new addition have been poured. Steel for the addition will start in late March, and concrete will be poured for the first- and second-floor extensions in late April and early May. The glass curtainwall will be installed in June. The project is expected to be completed in fall 2017.

Korman Quad Renovations: Renovations to the renamed Korman Quad will integrate it with the existing Perelman Plaza to revitalize this core thoroughfare. In April and May, storm water management systems will be installed. Rough grading will occur in June and July.  Stonework will be installed in July and August and finish materials will follow.

Intelligent Structures Laboratory (Alumni 073): Construction is in progress on a laboratory for testing and evaluating components of building structures in the Alumni Engineering Laboratories Building, Suite 073. This project involves installing new hydraulic equipment for research, a new conference room and a technical services area for researchers. The conference room will receive new heating and cooling and dedicated cooling will be provided for the new hydraulic equipment. Substantial completion of this project is scheduled for the end of May.

Visit the Current Projects page of the Facilities website for additional project updates and the Drexel Master Plan blog for images and reports from Vice President for University Facilities and Real Estate Bob Francis