Champagne Wishes for Drexel’s Departing Seniors

Closing a tradition many members have participated in since kindergarten, Drexel’s Class of 2015 gathered Monday for one, final class photo.

Crowding around President John A. Fry on the steps of the Great Court, hundreds of Drexel’s departing seniors alternately smiled and groaned as photographers promised, “One more, one more.”

Monday was the traditional senior class toast, in which the seniors share a drink of champagne with their president just after fixing a golden Drexel Dragon pin to their shirts and dresses.

“You’ve left this University in a far better place than when you found it back in 2010,” Fry told the Class of 2015 just before it raised its glasses. “So, the Class of 2015 has made a notable mark on this University.”

Some of those gathered reflected on what they will remember as they move on from Drexel.

Melinda Webster said the biggest impact on her was getting into psychology research.

“It was being part of the lab community,” she said. “And part of it was that what we were doing was really important and helpful.”

Khushboo Sadadiwala cited Drexel’s signature program as what she’ll think back to.

“The co-op experience is what I’ll remember,” she said. “This is the only University that lets you get a look at the job market before you go. Other places, they throw you out there into the tough job searches.”

Sadadiwala’s twin sister, Jully, who is also graduating, knows the personal connections are what will endure for her.

“It’s the friendships I’ve made,” she said. “It’s not like high school friends were it’s a week and they’ve faded away. There are friendships that will last because they’ve been there through a tough four years.”

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Their memories seemed to ring true to Fry’s toast: “To lasting relationships created, to a University left off better than the one that they found, and to a boundless and joyful future for all of you, cheers, Class of 2015.”