President Fry Rolling Out Refreshed Strategic Plan in Town Halls

President John A. Fry.
President John A. Fry.

Next month, President John Fry will discuss the next phase of Drexel’s Strategic Plan in town halls for faculty and professional staff across the University’s campuses.

“Good strategic plans are living documents, meant to be updated as goals are achieved and new goals are established,” Fry said. “It is time now to take stock and reflect on our accomplishments and plan for our future, building capacity and momentum for the years ahead.”

Four different town halls are planned, spanning the University to give faculty and professional staff multiple opportunities and locations to attend and participate in discussion. All town halls are open to all Drexel faculty and professional staff members.

  • April 1, 4–6 p.m. / University City Campus, Bossone Research Enterprise Center, Mitchell Auditorium
  • April 15, 9–10:30 a.m. / University City Campus, Bossone Research Enterprise Center, Mitchell Auditorium
  • April 22, 4–6 p.m. / Queen Lane Campus, Three Parkway Building, Auditorium B
  • May 4, 4–6 p.m. / Center City Campus, New College Building, Geary Auditorium B

In 2012, Drexel began implementing “Transforming the Modern Urban University,” a strategic plan that served as the guiding vision for the University’s future. The first phase, described as a “blueprint for change,” stretched through last year.

Now the next phase, stretching until 2019, is set to commence. This phase will build upon the momentum of the first phase and the growth it spurred.

A push to foster student success is a key element of the new phase of the plan. The University will strive to increase its student retention rate to 90 percent and the graduation rate to 80 percent.

This will be done by aiming to recruit “alumni, not freshman,” through new strategies including eliminating “one-click” applications and appealing more to the types of students who best fit in with Drexel’s fast-paced environment and emphasis on experiential learning. 

Improvement of the first-year experience for students and directing funds from a new capital campaign toward financial aid will also work toward the student success goal.

A deep focus on equity, diversity, race and social justice is another initiative covered in the new phase of the strategic plan. The hope is to foster that goal through wider support of grassroots initiatives and encouraging more University-wide discussions on the subject.

Research plays a key role in continuing the Drexel Strategic Plan. Improving Drexel’s national position in research was identified as key to the University’s future, and new groundwork for expansion of research and creating new opportunities for students will move the University toward that goal.

Increasing global impact is also critical to the University’s success, per the Strategic Plan. Over the next few years, international experiences for students and faculty and academic partnerships in key regions of the world will be deepened and expanded.

Extending the refreshed plan to 2019 will give Drexel the time to accomplish the ambitious goals set forth. Fry welcomes the attendance of faculty and professional staff at all the upcoming town halls and looks forward to an engaging university-wide dialogue.