Selena Lin with elementary students Grad Student Works to Fight Childhood Obesity – With Time Travel
Selena Lin wanted to show children the future consequences of their health habits. Enter Bob, a young time traveler.
Drexel Main Building Balancing Drexel's Budget: A Q&A With Helen Bowman
Ever had an idea for how to make things run more smoothly and efficiently at Drexel? Well, now's the time to share it.
Eliza Grier and Matilda Evans Black History Month at Drexel: From Pioneers Yesterday to Diversity, Inclusiveness Today
Several African-American pioneers passed through Drexel, and an effort to achieve diversity and inclusion continues today.
Drexel student Rina Patel with children in India Drexel Student Launches Non-Profit to Educate Underprivileged Women and Children in India
During a trip to her parents’ homeland of India, Rina Patel witnessed the pain of a starving woman carrying her crying baby and the suffering of four orphaned siblings. This experience together with the stories she had been told about her own parents’ childhoods forever changed her life. A student in Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, Patel wanted to help underprivileged women and children in India. For that reason she established Aahana, a non-profit organization that recently received 501(c)(3) status from the U.S. Government.
Speaker at podium Drexel Opens Cybersecurity Institute
Pulling from its many resources in online data management and protection, Drexel University is opening a cybersecurity institute to address national cyber-based threats and prepare the next generation of cybersecurity leaders.
11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University 11th Street Health Center to Expand With Sheller Gift to Meet the Future of Primary Health Care
Drexel University will begin a major expansion of its nurse-managed health center which is nationally recognized as a model of integrated care. With a new gift of $2.5 million from the Sheller Family Foundation, the center at 850 N. 11th Street will break ground for a new wing this spring, with the expanded building to be renamed the Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services Center.
Museum stories are written from a child's perspective and describe each exhibit in terms of sensation. This story describes two skeletons on the second floor of Dinosaur Hall that children are allowed to touch. Museum Stories at the Academy of Natural Sciences for Children on the Autism Spectrum
As part of an initiative aimed at making a visit to the science museum as stress-free, fun and educational as possible for children on the autism spectrum, families and teachers now can access “museum stories” on the Academy’s website. The museum stories are a pre-visit tool to prepare children for what they might experience in the museum, where loud noises, unfamiliar sights, bright and dark rooms, and unpredictable live animals may cause discomfort and stress.
Smart House Rendering New Minor Lets Students Chart Their Own Path, Solve Urban Problems With Technology
Drexel students now have the opportunity to tackle the issues of modern urban living using their research ideas, as part of their course of study.
Zinc restaurant Hospitality Picks: Top Five Philly Restaurants You've Never Heard Of
Drexel's hospitality, culinary and food science students, faculty and staff bring you monthly dining recommendations. In this edition: under-the-radar spots.
Student Dealing With Stress Feeling anxious or depressed? You're not alone, and Drexel can help
If there’s a time during college when you feel overwhelmed, inadequate or out of hope, that doesn’t make you weak. It makes you normal. And Drexel offers resources that can help.
Marc Vetri and a student. Drexel Culinary Students Learn From Famed Chef Marc Vetri
Not many aspiring chefs get to learn alongside one of the leading experts in Italian cuisine, but a group of Drexel culinary arts students does that once a week, in a course taught by famed chef Marc Vetri.
Students build robot Drexel Awarded $1.45 Million UTeach Grant to Recruit, Train New Teachers in STEM Disciplines
As part of the UTeach program, Drexel will step up to help address the nation's STEM education crisis.
Ben McIntosh Video: Men's Lacrosse Team Sets Sights on First-Ever CAA Tournament Title
The 2013 season was a wild ride for the Drexel men's lacrosse team, filled with thrilling comebacks. This year, the team has its eye on its first-ever CAA tournament championship.
Candy Hearts How Do 'Snow White,' 'The Bachelor' and More Shape Our Views on Love? A Valentine's Day Q&A With Devon Powers
America is in love with love, and there is no better example of this than Valentine’s Day. With stores filled with red and pink cards and candy, jewelry commercials dominating the airwaves and “Love Actually” on a loop, mainstream culture can certainly influence the way we view love.
Frank Linnehan Frank Linnehan Named Permanent Dean of LeBow College
After serving as interim dean since September 2012, Frank Linnehan has been named the permanent dean of Drexel's LeBow College of Business.
New Initiative at Drexel Provides Pro-Bono Editing Services to Local Nonprofits
Drexel Edits, a new initiative launched by Lawrence Souder, PhD, an associate teaching professor in the Department of Culture and Communication at Drexel University, provides pro-bono editing services to area nonprofit organizations who need help with communications efforts that are essential to achieving their mission. Supported by the College of Arts and Sciences, Drexel Edits recruits volunteer editors from Drexel students, graduates and associates who want to give back to the community.
Mariana Chilton, PhD Mariana Chilton Appointed to National Commission on Hunger
Mariana Chilton, PhD, an associate professor in the School of Public Health, was appointed to the National Commission on Hunger. As part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 (H.R.3547), the 10-member commission focuses on developing new innovative methods to help solve the looming concern of hunger in the U.S.
Jennifer Salvage in an Egyptian temple Five-plus years of wedding photos make Drexel prof's love story go viral
Drexel professor Jeff Salvage's photos of his wife in her wedding dress around the world has landed the couple on TV screens and homepages. But that's not the best part of their nearly six-year journey.
The museum-quality collection of more than 12,000 garments and accessories dates back centuries Explore Florals in Fashion at the Drexel Historic Costume Collection’s “Style Saturday” Event
Fashion journalists heralded the return of floral prints and motifs for spring 2014 – but did they ever really go away? From the rococo rose to the pop art daisy, floral motifs have been a perennial favorite. On March 8, Drexel University’s Historic Costume Collection, a treasure trove of textiles and garments spanning more than 200 years, is once again opening its doors to the public with “In Bloom: The Fashion for Florals,” the next installment in a series of quarterly events which include an educational seminar on a particular aspect of fashion history and a specialized viewing of the collection.
Janet Guthart 'Our job is to make people happy': A Q&A With Drexel's Head Event Planner
What does it take to put on the hundreds of Drexel events that take place each year? We spoke with Janet Guthart, the University's head event planner, to find out.
Rita Shaughnessy Beyond the 'Winter Blues': Five Things to Know About Seasonal Affective Disorder
For some people, the short, dark and cold days of winter can bring depression that goes beyond the "winter blues" and can strongly disrupt everyday life. But the good news is that treatment is out there.
Chairs around a table School of Public Health Moves to University City
Drexel's School of Public Health has moved from its former Center City home to a renovated and modernized Nesbitt Hall, which features a new modern, airy design along with Drexel's first nursing mother's room and its first gender-neutral bathroom.
Ira M. Lubert, Drexel's Business Leader of the Year Ira Lubert Named Drexel's 2014 Business Leader of the Year
Real estate investment guru Ira M. Lubert, co-founder of Independent Capital Partners, a family of private equity and real estate investment funds, is Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business’ 60th Business Leader of the Year. He will be honored at a luncheon attended by hundreds of Greater Philadelphia’s top executives on Feb. 27.
How-To Meets High-Tech In Drexel Engineers' Award-Winning Graphic
The team of Drexel University engineers who came up with a way to knit an energy storage device have now been recognized by the National Science Foundation for their skill in showing how they did it.
Israel Galvan is known for complex and rapid-fire footwork punctuated by moments of stillness and silence. Photo by Luca Fiaccavento. Flamenco Superstars Israel and Pastora Galvan Will Perform at Drexel as Part of 2014 Philadelphia Flamenco Festival
Internationally renowned flamenco superstars Israel Galvan and Pastora Galvan will make their Philadelphia debut at Drexel University from Thursday – Sunday, March 13 – 16, as part of the 2014 Philadelphia Flamenco Festival.
Skiing and holding the flag Thailand's First Winter Olympian, a Drexel Professor, Will Watch Others Compete for the First Time
Thailand's second- and third-ever Winter Olympians will compete this month in Sochi. Who was the first? Prawat Nagvajara, a Drexel computer engineering professor.
“Welcome to Campus: Not Your Ordinary College Tour” is a co-production by Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design and Philadelphia’s avant-garde Swim Pony Performing Arts theater company. Photo credit: C. Shan Cerrone. Drexel and Swim Pony Take Theater to the Streets with “Welcome to Campus” Show
Most college tours will show you the dorms, the dining hall, the library – but what if a tour could give you a glimpse of what college is really like? Of the excitement, heartbreak and soul-searching that actually goes on during those life-changing years? “Welcome to Campus: Not Your Ordinary College Tour,” a co-production by Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design and Philadelphia’s avant-garde Swim Pony Performing Arts theater company, brings those highs and lows of young adulthood to life through an interactive theatrical tour experience.
Students with blocks Math Comes Alive With Blocks, Videos and More For Philadelphia Youths at Drexel Challenge
It was a problem involving building blocks, tough enough to stump doctoral students. But Philadelphia high- and middle-school students tackled it admirably at a challenge presented by Drexel's Math Forum last week.