School of Education to Become an Independent Unit

School of Education

After a recent assessment, the University Program Alignment and Review Committee recommended that the School of Education be separated from Goodwin College. With the support of Goodwin and School of Education faculty, the University is undertaking this separation effective immediately.

Since becoming part of Goodwin five years ago, the School of Education has grown from five to 35 faculty members with a comparable increase in student enrollment. The School’s reputation is outstanding, and Dean William Lynch and his faculty and professional staff have provided valuable leadership for the University’s growing involvement with K-12 education. Returning the School of Education to independent status recognizes its achievements, encourages further growth and best serves Drexel, its students, the region and higher education.

This change also provides an opportunity to reexamine the mission and programs of Goodwin College in order to reimagine professional education for the 21st century and empower the College to deliver it in the best ways possible. Strategic task forces are being convened to study and develop plans for both Goodwin College and the School of Education. 

Dean Lynch will be appointed dean of the School of Education and will also continue to supervise the activities of Goodwin College during the national search for a new dean.