Standard II: Ethics and Integrity

Picture of Teresa Harrison
Alan Hecht


Teresa Harrison PhD: Professor and Academic Director of the Center for Nonprofit Governance, LeBow College of Business

Photo of Sara Steinwachs
Sarah Steinwachs


Sarah Steinwachs, MFA: Associate Professor and Department Head - Art and Art History Department, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Sarah Steinwachs moved to Philadelphia in 1997 after completing her MFA at Yale University. She began her teaching career at Drexel in September of the same year. Currently Professor Steinwachs is the Program Director of Visual Studies in the Art and Art History Department. Her teaching concentration is in foundation design for the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. Steinwachs also exhibits her drawings, paintings, and constructions in national and international venues. Her work focuses on pattern derived from the urban environment. Her influences are from cities she has lived in since moving from her native state of Colorado, including Rome, and Tokyo.

Ethics and integrity are central, indispensable, and defining hallmarks of effective higher education institutions. in all activities, whether internal or external, an institution must be faithful to its mission, honor its contracts and commitments, adhere to its policies, and represent itself truthfully.

An accredited institution possesses and demonstrates the following attributes or activities:

  • a commitment to academic freedom, intellectual freedom, freedom of expression, and respect for intellectual property rights;
  • a climate that fosters respect among students, faculty, staff, and administration from a range of diverse backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives;
  • a grievance policy that is documented and disseminated to address complaints or grievances raised by students, faculty, or staff. The institution’s policies and procedures are fair and impartial, and assure that grievances are addressed promptly, appropriately, and equitably;
  • the avoidance of conflict of interest or the appearance of such conflict in all activities and among all constituents;
  • fair and impartial practices in the hiring, evaluation, promotion, discipline, and separation of employees;
  • honesty and truthfulness in public relations announcements, advertisements, recruiting and admissions materials and practices, as well as in internal communications;
  • as appropriate to its mission, services or programs in place:
    • to promote affordability and accessibility;
    • to enable students to understand funding sources and options, value received for cost, and methods to make informed decisions about incurring debt;
  • compliance with all applicable federal, state, and Commission reporting policies, regulations, and requirements to include reporting regarding:
    • the full disclosure of information on institution-wide assessments, graduation, retention, certification and licensure or licensing board pass rates;
    • the institution’s compliance with the Commission’s Requirements of Affiliation;
    • substantive changes affecting institutional mission, goals, programs, operations, sites, and other material issues which must be disclosed in a timely and accurate fashion;
    • the institution’s compliance with the Commission’s policies; and
  • periodic assessment of ethics and integrity as evidenced in institutional policies, processes, practices, and the manner in which these are implemented.
Name Title Office/Department  Standard
Teresa Harrison Staff Co-Chair LeBow College of Business II 
Sarah Steinwachs Faculty Co-Chair Westphal College of Media Arts & Design II 
Dana D’Angelo PhD Clinical Professor, General Business LeBow College of Business II
Bahhtier Farouk PhD J. Harland Billings Professor, Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering II
Aroutis Foster PhD Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies School of Education II
Sherry Goodill PhD Clinical Professor and Chair of Creative Arts Therapies Department College of Nursing and Health Professions: Graduate II
Cindy Leesman Associate Vice President Office of Alumni Relations II
Bruce Levine JD Associate Clinical Professor and Program Director of Education Policy, Global & International Studies and Educational Improvement & Transformation School of Education II
Donald McEachron PhD Teaching Professor and Coordinator for Academic Assessment and Quality Improvement School of Biomedical Engineering, Sciences & Health Systems II
Caroline Schauer PhD or and Associate Dean of Research & Faculty Affairs College of Engineering II
Leland Rockstraw PhD* Clinical Professor, Nursing School of Nursing and Health Professions II
John Bonnes UG Student n/a II
Corinne Mastrella Presti UG Student n/a II
Kelly Highum GR Student Westphal College of Media Arts & Design II

Shayne Moore GR Student College of Engineering II

*Member(s) who contributed but are no longer with the University.