Federal Disclosures

The University offers select programs across its colleges that are associated with professional licensures and/or certifications. These licensures/certifications are typically governed by policies of a regulating body which indicates any educational and other prerequisite requirements that must be met prior to attaining certification and/or licensure. Some certifications and/or licensures are also further governed by state laws – requirements for which can vary by jurisdiction.

In compliance with federal law, program descriptions on this website for those which may lead to professional licensure and/or certification are noted accordingly. Within each program, links are provided to either the specific governing organization or to the appropriate programmatic disclosure page accessible below.

Specific program pages provide details on state-governed certification and/or licensures in our university portfolio. Each page indicates whether specific degrees in the topical area meet the stated educational requirements and provides links for additional information. Every effort was made to make a definitive statement, but if a state/territory did not provide the requisite information, we were not able to make a determination. Students are encouraged to do their own due diligence regarding whether or not the educational requirements of their program of interest meet certification/licensure requirements in their location to ensure they are making the most informed decision. The information on this page is periodically refreshed, but please note the date when the information was last updated when referencing.