The Office of Institutional Research is a key reporting entity for the university and is dedicated to providing leadership to support the planning, management, accreditation, assessment and evaluation activities at every level of Drexel. To do so, it must maintain a repository of data in electronic and print formats. Both the reports and the data that underpins them are available as appropriate to describe university activities, inform policy and support management planning. The Office of Institutional Research is the central reporting entity for the university, and as such is responsible for fulfilling the university’s reporting requirements by direct data submission to external organizations and entities, appropriate internal constituencies and by supporting the compliance reporting functions as appropriate.  The Office of Institutional Research’s function also includes dissemination of information and data through various outlets such as college publications, scholarly journals, and in response to both internal and external requests.

Major Contributions and Activities of the Office

The Office of Institutional Research is dedicated to advancing the university’s mission as well as fostering an environment that is focused on continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness. The office does so by:

  • Providing knowledge to senior leadership that both informs and supports decision-making, planning and assessment so that Drexel University is continuously improving.
  • Providing leadership to the standardization of data to ensure consistency, uniformity and integrity.
  • Providing support to all levels of the university in their evaluation and assessment efforts
  • Providing analysis services to transform data into usable and actionable information
  • Providing support and leadership for survey research
  • Providing oversight for compliance reporting
  • Providing maintenance and oversight to an institutional repository of data at the highest level of integrity
  • Providing operational oversight to the program alignment and review process
  • Providing information and techniques related to institutional effectiveness through workshops, teaching, and other resources