Standard VI: Planning, Resources and Institutional Improvement

Photo of David Rusenko
David Rusenko


David Rusenko: Vice President, Associate Treasurer and CFO

David Rusenko is currently the Vice President, Associate Treasurer and CFO for Drexel University. Prior to joining Drexel in 2014, he served as Vice President of Finance and Administration for the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. He also served as the Assistant Treasurer and Secretary of the Academy’s Board of Trustees. Dave has worked in non-profit accounting and administration for more than 30 years, including significant service with the United Ways in Philadelphia PA, Wilmington, DE and Richmond, VA. He is an active volunteer, currently serving on the Board of Women Against Abuse in Philadelphia and the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Dave is a graduate of Shippensburg State University and a CPA. He received the Chestnut Place Clubhouse Outstanding Support and Advocacy Award in 2011 for his work in promoting transitional employment in Philadelphia. He received the Drexel President’s Award for Excellence in 2012 for his work on integrating the administrative functions of the Academy with Drexel University.

Picture of Antonios Zavaliangos
Antonios Zavaliangos


Antonios Zavaliangos, PhD: A. W. Grosvenor Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, The College of Engineering

Antonios Zavaliangos holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering (National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1986), MS in Civil Engineering (Columbia Univ.-1987) and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (MIT, 1992). He has been a faculty member of the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel since 1992 and served as its Department Head in the period of 2007-2014. He is the chair of the Faculty Senate Budget, Planning and Development Committee. In 2018-19 served as a Provost Fellow in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. He is a member of the university’s Executive Planning Committee and the College of Engineering Strategic Planning Executive Committee.

He is an expert in powder technology with applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing and powder metallurgy. He has been the recipient of continuous funding from the Department of Education since 2006, which provided tuition and stipend for more than 60 PhD students in the College of Engineering. He has received research funding from NSF, Army Research Lab, Merck, Johnson&Johnson, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Abbott Laboratories/AbbVie, Amgen, the International Fine Powder Research Institute, Alcoa, and the Pew Foundation.

He was a research associate in the Centre National de la Researche Scientifique in Grenoble (2000), visiting faculty in Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France (2006), and visiting scientist in J&J (2006), Merck (2007), and Amgen (2016). He serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Powder Metallurgy and the Powder Metallurgy journal. He was the recipient of the Early Career NSF award (1996); Neal Rice Best Paper Award ABA (2003); ASM Liberty Chapter Albert Sauveur Award, (2016). He has consulting experience in pharmaceutical and powder technology Industries.

Standard VI Description

Assessment of student learning and achievement demonstrates that the institution’s students have accomplished educational goals consistent with their program of study, degree level, the institution’s mission, and appropriate expectations for institutions of higher education.

Standard VI Criteria


An accredited institution possesses and demonstrates the following attributes or activities:

1. institutional objectives, both institution wide and for individual units, that are clearly stated, assessed appropriately, linked to mission and goal achievement, reflect conclusions drawn from assessment results, and are used for planning and resource allocation;

2. clearly documented and communicated planning and improvement processes that provide for constituent participation, and incorporate the use of assessment results;

3. a financial planning and budgeting process that is aligned with the institution’s mission and goals, evidence-based, and clearly linked to the institution’s and units’ strategic plans/objectives;

4. fiscal and human resources as well as the physical and technical infrastructure adequate to support its operations wherever and however programs are delivered;

5. well-defined decision-making processes and clear assignment of responsibility and accountability;

6. comprehensive planning for facilities, infrastructure, and technology that includes consideration of sustainability and deferred maintenance and is linked to the institution’s strategic and financial planning processes;

7. an annual independent audit confirming financial viability with evidence of follow up on any concerns cited in the audit’s accompanying management letter;

8. strategies to measure and assess the adequacy and efficient utilization of institutional resources required to support the institution’s mission and goals; and

9. periodic assessment of the effectiveness of planning, resource allocation, institutional renewal processes, and availability of resources.

Name Title Office/Department  Standard
David Rusenko Staff Co-Chair Finance & Treasury VI 
Antonios Zavaliangos
Faculty Co-Chair College of Engineering VI 
Sean Chung* Vice President of Online Operations Drexel University Online VI
Sujoy Das  Vice Provost Institutional Research VI 
N. John DiNardo PhD Professor of Physics and Faculty Fellow College of Arts & Sciences; C.A.S.T.L.E VI
Danielle Kaczinski Assistant Director, Talent Acquisition Human Resources VI
Brian Lorigan Assistant Vice President, Strategic Financial Services Office of Finance VI
Lindsay Snyder Norlen Director, Operational Effectiveness Human Resources VI 
Melissa Richman Executive Director of Online and Graduate Financial Services and Planning/td> Drexel University Online & the Graduate College VI
Patricia Russo Associate Vice President and Comptroller Office of the Comptroller VI
Charles Sacco Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Director of the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship Close School of Entrepreneurship VI
Valerie Belova UG Student n/a VI
Francine Locke GR Student College of Nursing & Health Professions VI
Abdullah Toprak GR Student College of Engineering VI

*Member(s) who contributed to the committee who are no longer with Drexel University.