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University Preparation


UPREP Poster Presentation

University Preparation (UPrep) is a 5-week summer orientation program that prepares incoming international students for academic study at Drexel University. During the program, students receive a comprehensive orientation to Drexel which includes academic written and oral courses.

The program is designed for undergraduate students. Freshmen accepted directly into the program through Drexel University must successfully complete the courses and activities as preparation to start their studies at Drexel University.

Important Dates

Deadlines & Events Dates
Drexel acceptance March - April
Drexel Enrollment form with $300 deposit Due
May 1
Check your email for instructions about online preparation
May 23
Complete all required immunizations (except for PPD)
May - August
Complete pre-arrival orientation and online preparation lessons  July 1
Email your flight information to July 15
Submit a photo for your Dragon Card ID July 30
Complete Drexel undergraduate placement tests August 1
Check in to summer housing August 10-11
UPrep orientation, program, and classes
August 12 - September 13
Term Switch Day
September 8
Drexel University Welcome Week
September 14-22
Undergraduate courses begin 
September 23

Sample Schedule and Course Descriptions

Sample Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
EAP* (all skills)
EAP* (all skills)
EAP* (all skills)
EAP* (all skills)
EAP* (all skills)
College Life College Life
College Life
College Life
College Life

The Drexel Experience

Workshops & Activities

The Drexel Experience
Workshops & Activities
The Drexel Experience
Study Hall Evening Activities Study Hall Evening Activities
Free Time

*English for Academic Purposes

Course Descriptions

English for Academic Purposes - Improve your academic language skills necessary to succeed on an American campus. Receive instruction in all four skill areas. See requirements listed under "How do you complete the UPrep Program."

College Life - Expand on your interpersonal skills appropriate to university study. Topics include talking with your professor, participating in discussions, asking for course information, getting help, and negotiating with your roommates.

The Drexel Experience - Faculty and staff from the university will present information on a full range of resources to help you at Drexel. Topics include: Using the classroom technology, living and learning in the residence halls, introduction to the library, academic integrity, time management, the Math Resource Center, the Writing Center, academic advising, and the Co-op experience.

Study Hall - Meet in small groups to do homework and get help with projects.

Evening Activities - Relax and enjoy an evening movie, dinner with friends, or a night in Center City Philadelphia. Led by your RA.

How do you complete the UPrep Program?

All students are expected to attend classes, fully participate in the program, and complete all assignments.Your UPrep and Drexel advisors will determine your Fall 2019 courses based on your performance in UPrep and ongoing evaluation of your academic language skills.

Academic Listening and Speaking Skills Assessed

  • Discuss a variety of academic topics in a classroom environment
  • Use appropriate verb tenses and advanced grammatical structures in presentations and debates
  • Initiate, sustain and close conversations in different academic settings
  • Answer main ideas and most detail questions when listening to lectures and other forms of academic discourse

Academic Reading and Writing Skills Assessed

  • Write essays with clear introductions, developed body paragraphs, and conclusions
  • Incorporate advanced grammatical structures
  • Incorporate source material and cite appropriately
  • Read and respond to university texts

Students who need extra language preparation prior to matriculation to the university may be recommended for the International Gateway program, which provides a foundation year of English language courses plus academic coursework in preparation for undergraduate study the following fall.

Costs for the UPREP Program

 UPREP Tuition  $2,460
 Part-time University Fee
 Health Insurance (August pricing to be determined)
 UPREP Residence Hall

*Pricing reflects one month estimate for August.

How to Enroll and Submit your I-20 Application

To accept your admission to Drexel University and the UPrep Program, submit the Drexel enrollment form to Drexel University with your $300 non-refundable deposit by May 1. Submit your non-refundable tuition deposit through the Discover Drexel portal.

After you confirm your enrollment with Drexel, the International Students Office will reach out to you with detailed instructions on how to apply for your I-20. You can review the information in advance by visiting New International Students page.

Preparing to Arrive

Check your emails every day for information from Drexel Enrollment Management, ISSS and your own department.

Before you arrive in Philadelphia, sign up for your Drexel email account, choose your fall housing, take your placement tests, and get your immunizations completed.

A reminder: Please expect delays when first arriving in the U.S. as Customs and Border Patrol officers will be checking each F-1 and J-1 student's SEVIS record to ensure that it is in 'Initial' or 'Active' status.


You must set up your Drexel University email account to pay tuition, take your math and science placement tests, see your course schedule, and look for other important information.

Go to Use your Drexel student ID, which is on your acceptance letter.


All undergraduate students must take the online math and science tests in order to help your advisor place you in the correct courses.


Bring all your documents to show you have your immunizations. Download and print the Immunization Form. See instructions below for what to do with the Immunization Form.

  1. Print the Immunization Form and give it to your doctor or healthcare provider
  2. Have your healthcare provider complete Part 2 sections A through G of the form
    • Part 2 section A must be completed in the United States
    • The PPD tuberculosis vaccine must be completed in the United States
    • The Quantiferon-TB test can be done in any country, but the results must be submitted in English. Unless you have already received your PPD immunization in the U.S. within the past 12 months, you must get this immunization when you arrive
  3. You (the student) must complete Part 1 and Part 2 section H. We can help you complete Part 1 when you arrive
  4. Submit the Immunization Form
    • Upload the completed form through the DrexelOne Portal
    • Bring the form with you when you arrive to Drexel
    • Do not fax, scan, or email the form


Fall orientation is for students who will study at Drexel. All colleges and schools will have someone to help you. Registration will open in May.

UPrep Summer Housing

UPrep undergraduates are required to stay in the Residence Halls for the entire program.

You do not need a separate application for the UPrep summer housing. All UPrep students will be assigned rooms in Millennium Hall on campus for the duration of the program. The address for Millennium Hall is 223 N. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Send us an email about your arrival date and time so the residence hall staff can help you. You can move in any time on Saturday August 10 or Sunday August 11. The residence hall is open 24 hours a day.

You will receive sheets for the first week. The ELC will help you find a store to buy other items for your room.


Arriving in Philadelphia

Transportation from Philadelphia International Airport to Millennium Hall, located at 223 N. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

The easiest way is to take a taxi.

  • When: 24 hours a day. You do not need a reservation.
  • Where: Outside of the baggage claim area.
  • How: Tell the driver the address you want to go to (or write it on a piece of paper).
  • Time: About 20 minutes from the airport to Drexel University.
  • Cost: About $35 including tip (cash or credit card).

Shuttle van service is a little harder.

Go to the Ground Transportation Information desk located in the baggage claim area and tell the representative that you would like a shuttle. The Ground Transportation Information representative will contact a shuttle service for you and let you know when it arrives. The representative will also tell you the cost for the shuttle.

  • Make sure to:
    1. Ask the people behind the counter for help
    2. Tell the driver the address you want to go to (or write it on a piece of paper).
  • Time: About 30 minutes from the airport to Drexel University (the van may make other stops).
  • University City Campus Map

Paying Tuition and Fees

All UPrep payments are due by 5:00 pm Tuesday, August 13.

  • You will receive directions about paying for all your fees when you arrive. (UPrep program fees, housing, and Drexel health insurance)
  • Payments can be made with credit cards, bank drafts, personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, or cash.
  • Credit Card Payments can be only be made online 
    • Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express ONLY
    • Be sure you have set up your Drexel University Computer Account and have your User ID and Password.
    • All credit card payments are subject to a non-refundable processing fee for each transaction, currently 2.75% (0.0275)

Frequently Asked Questions

I retook the TOEFL/IELTS. How do I resubmit my new score?

  • Contact the test organization to submit the new score directly to Drexel Admissions
    Phone: 215.895.2202 | FAX: 215.895.5939 | E-mail:

Who do I contact about my I-20?

Where can I use my Dragon Dollars to buy food?

How do I contact the English Language Center?

Can I receive packages at my dorm?

  • Yes. Your address when receiving mail or packages will be:
    223 N. 34th Street
    Your room #
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

Do NOT include the words Drexel University or the hall name in the address as this will delay arrival.