Faculty FAQs

Listed below are frequently asked questions for faculty. Please contact Disability Resources at disability@drexel.edu or 215.895.1401 with any additional questions.

General FAQs

In order to use any in-class accommodations it is the student's responsibility to request a current Accommodations Verification Letter (AVL) through the ClockWork database, within a reasonable amount of time before the accommodation is to be used. All of the student's approved accommodations are listed in the AVL.

Only accommodations listed on the Accommodations Verification Letter (AVL) should be provided. Students requesting an accommodation not listed on the AVL should be directed to Disability Resources and the accommodation should not be provided without Disability Resources' approval.

It is the responsibility of Drexel University to ensure that all approved accommodations are provided for students with disabilities. In the event that you are unable to provide an approved accommodation listed on the AVL, please contact Disability Resources immediately at disability@drexel.edu or 215.895.1401 to discuss any available options.

While Disability Resources attempts to determine accommodations that both assist the student in managing their disability and do not alter the essential learning outcomes of a course or program, there are times when an approved accommodation may not be appropriate. If you feel this is the case, please begin providing the accommodation as listed in the AVL and contact Disability Resources immediately at disability@drexel.edu or 215.895.1401.

In accordance with the University's Reasonable Accommodation of Individuals with Disabilities Policy (ODR-1), any student who discloses a disability must be referred to Disability Resources. Any information regarding a disability that a student discloses to you should be kept confidential.

Information regarding a student's disability is confidential and they are not required to disclose. It would therefore be inappropriate to ask specific questions about diagnosis or impairment. Instead of asking about the specific disability, Disability Resources recommends that conversation center around the essential learning outcomes/expectations of a course or program and how that relates to the student's performance.

Students should be referred to Disability Resources if they already have an Accommodations Verification Letter (AVL) and are experiencing difficulties associated with their disability or if they disclose a disability and are requesting services. It may also be appropriate to refer a student to a variety of helpful offices at Drexel, potentially including the Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture, when they are experiencing significant academic or personal issues.

Yes! While different than accommodations received in on-campus environments, appropriate accommodations for the work or clinical environment may be reasonable. Any student who feels they may qualify for such accommodations should contact Disability Resources at 215.895.1401 or disability@drexel.edu.

Students with disabilities who have concerns related to their housing or meal plan should be referred to Disability Resources at disability@drexel.edu or 215.895.1401. Disability Resources is the only entity on campus with the authority to determine if/when accommodations are necessary.

FAQs for Online Classes

Please ensure that the student has reached out to Disability Resources to let us know what course(s) they are requesting to use this particular accommodation for. Disability Resources then works with Drexel IT to gain online access to your course in order to have the audio material transcribed as quickly as possible. We ask that all audio content for the course be available at least one week before it will be released to the class so that the transcription company has time to create accessible content for our student.
Contact Disability Resources right away to discuss options for providing this accommodation. Depending on the student's specific needs, we can arrange for the live session to be closed captioned or to have an American Sign Language interpreter available so that the student can still participate fully. Please note that advanced notice is needed to set up these services.
For information on how to add closed captions to your online videos please contact Drexel IT at 215.895.1224. You can also consult the Creating Accessible Online Content course that you are auto enrolled in through Drexel Learn (Blackboard) for best practices to increase the overall accessibility of the online environment.
The time for the exam can be extended several ways: 1) a duplicate exam can be uploaded so only that student can view it with the appropriate amount of extended time; 2) the new update in Drexel Learn should allow for the individual student's exam to be lengthened without uploading a duplicate copy. Disability Resources recommends that you consult with your Instructional Designer or Drexel IT if you have any questions.

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