DragonDollars Escrow Agreement

DragonDollars – Initial Account Disclosures

Electronic fund transfer services permit cardholders and others to transfer funds without the use of cash or checks. DragonDollars is a debit card service using the DragonCard to provide a fast, safe and convenient way to make purchases (via electronic funds transfers) at many locations throughout the Drexel University campus and at some off‐campus locations. Cash cannot be withdrawn from DragonDollar accounts. The Electronic Fund Transfer Act of 1978 (the Act) protects cardholders in their use of Electronic Fund Transfer services. Described below are important notices regarding cardholder rights under the Act and your agreement with the University. Please retain this disclosure for future reference.

I. Disclosure of Consumer's Liability for Unauthorized Transfers

Please report and deactivate a lost DragonCard immediately. To do this, log in to the GET portal using your DrexelOne login credentials. Select "I Lost My Card" in the Quicklinks section of the portal and follow the instructions. You may also contact the DragonCard Office.

If your card is found and you would like to reactivate your card, you must visit a DragonCard Office. You cannot reactivate a card in the GET portal.

A cardholder may lose up to five hundred dollars ($500) in the account if a lost or stolen card is not reported in a timely manner. If the cardholder reports a lost/stolen card within 2 business days, the cardholder will be responsible for no more than fifty dollars ($50) of unauthorized/fraudulent charges that occur before notice to the University. If the cardholder does report a lost/stolen card within 2 business days of learning of lost/stolen card and DCO can prove notification would have stopped misuse of card, the cardholder may lose as much as $500 from the account for unauthorized/fraudulent charges. If the cardholder statement indicates transfers the cardholder did not make, notify DCO at once. See IX. IN CASE OF ERRORS OR QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS.

II. Disclosure of Telephone Number and Address to be Notified in Event of Unauthorized Transfer

If a cardholder believes DragonCard has been lost or stolen, the cardholder must report and deactivate the DragonCard immediately. If the cardholder believes that someone has transferred or may transfer money from the account without permission, immediately call DCO at 215.895.6095.

If cardholder calls the DCO after business hours, the call will be answered by an automated system and will be time and date stamped.

If proper notification of the lost or stolen card is sent via the GET Portal, the notification will be considered received according to the submission time. The cardholder must provide (i) full name, (ii) University ID number and (iii) details of loss/theft and/or of any unauthorized use. If all information is properly provided, the cardholder will not be held liable for any unauthorized/fraudulent card activity that occurs after the card is properly reported lost or stolen.

III. Disclosure of What Constitutes Business Day of Institution

DCO locations and hours of operation can be viewed here. Hours may vary for holidays and administrative training days.

IV. Disclosure of Types of Available Transfers and Limits on Transfers

A cardholder may add funds to their DragonCard using cash, personal check (payable to Drexel University), money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. A cardholder may elect to open an account as solely funded, in which case only the cardholder will be able to add funds to the account and have access to account balance and transaction information. Deposits can be made by mail or in person at the DragonCard Office. In addition, deposits made using a credit card may be made online via the GET App or at a DragonCard load station. There is no minimum balance required. Funds will be credited to the account upon receipt of the funds by the University. If, for any reason, the account is credited prior to receipt of the funds by the University, and the University is notified of insufficient funds, the cardholder will be liable for all fees and expenses incurred by the University as a result. See Section X, below. Funds designated as DragonDollars may be used at all participating Dragon Dollar locations.

V. Disclosure of Charges for Transfers or Right to Make Transfers

There are no charges for using DragonDollars. Balances left in the account will carry over to the next term and from year to year as long as cardholder maintains an active student or active employee relationship with the University. Refunds of account balances in excess of $15 are available by written request when cardholder's relationship with the University is terminated (either through graduation, withdrawal, or leaving employment). A one year grace period is allowed once your relationship with the University has been terminated to request a refund. Failure to request a refund within one year will result in account closure and any remaining balance will be donated to the Drexel University Alumni Association.

VI. Disclosure of the University's Liability for Failure to Make Transfers

If DCO does not properly complete a transfer to or from the account according to the agreement with cardholder, DCO may be liable for direct, pecuniary losses or damages caused by the negligence or fault of DCO. However, there are some exceptions. DCO will not be liable, for instance:

  1. If, through no fault of DCO, cardholder's account does not contain enough money to complete the transfer.
  2. If the DragonDollars reader was not working properly and cardholder knew about the malfunction before starting the transfer.
  3. If circumstances beyond DCO's control prevent the transfer. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, any of the following events: fire, flood, or other catastrophe, legal acts of public authorities, strikes, riots, demonstrations, failure of communications or power supply or mechanical difficulties with the equipment which could not be reasonably foreseen or provided against.
  4. If your account has been blocked to prevent unauthorized usage.
  5. There may be other exceptions.

In no case will DCO be liable for any indirect or consequential damages.

VII. Disclosure of Account Information to Third Parties

DCO will disclose information to third parties about cardholder's account or the transfers made: (1) where it is necessary for completing transfers, or (2) in order to verify the existence and condition of cardholder's account to a third party, such as a credit bureau or merchant, or (3) in order to comply with government agency or court orders, or (4) if cardholder gives DCO written permission via the cardholder's drexel.edu email account.

VIII. Disclosure of Right to Receive Documentation of Transfers

(a) Terminal transfers. Cardholder may obtain a receipt at the time of transfer to or from the account using point-of-sale terminals. Cardholder will not receive a receipt from a reader attached to computer lab printing or copy machine. However, these machines will display the transaction amount and resulting account balance on the LED read-out attached to the machine. (b) Pre-authorized credits. There are no pre-authorized transfers to the DragonDollars system. (c) Periodic statements. Statements and other information regarding your DragonDollars debit account can be viewed via the GET portal.

IX. In Case of Errors or Questions About Your Electronic Transfers

If cardholder believes statement or receipt is wrong or if more information is needed about the transfer listed on the statement or receipt, immediately call 215.895.6095

DCO must hear from cardholder no later than sixty (60) days after the statement on which the transaction FIRST appeared is available.

Regarding suspect transactions, cardholders must provide:

  1. Give full name and university ID number.
  2. Describe the error or the transfer that is in question, and explain as clearly as possible why there may be an error or why more information is needed.
  3. Give the date and dollar amount of the suspected error.
  4. Provide a telephone number where DCO may contact cardholder during normal business hours.

If cardholder notifies DCO by telephone or otherwise, the office may require that cardholder send written description of the problem within 10 business days after initial oral notification. DCO will inform cardholder of the results from investigation within 10 business days after notification and will correct any error promptly. If DCO needs more time, however, it may take up to 45 calendar days to complete the investigation. In this case, DCO will provisionally re‐credit cardholder's account on the tenth business day for the amount that is believed to be in error. Cardholder will have the use of the money during the time it takes to complete the investigation. If DCO asked for a written description of the problem and did not receive it within 10 business days, DCO may not provisionally re-credit cardholder's account.

If the investigation proves there was no error, DCO will send a written explanation within three (3) business days after completion of the investigation and will debit the amount which was provisionally credited. If sufficient funds are not available, cardholder must pay sufficient funds to DCO to cover any balance due, within five (5) days of DCO sending written demand for payment. Cardholder may request copies of documents used in the investigation.

X. Insufficient Funds

The University reserves the right to charge any insufficiency in a cardholder's DragonDollars account to that cardholder's DragonDollars account without notice to the cardholder. The amount of any insufficiency will include any bank fees charged to the University as a result of the insufficiency.

XI. Effective Date and Change in Terms

The terms of this Agreement apply to all current and new debit account relationships you have or hereafter enter into with the University. The University may change the terms of this Agreement. The University will deliver a written notice at least 21 days before the effective date of any change in a term or condition if the change would result in increased fees or charges, increased liability for the cardholder, fewer types of available electronic fund transfers or stricter limitations on the frequency or dollar amounts of transfers. Prior notice need not be given where an immediate change in terms or conditions is necessary to maintain or restore the security of an electronic fund transfer system or account. However, if a change is to be made permanent, the University shall provide written notice of the change to the cardholder on or with the next regularly scheduled periodic statement or within 30 days, unless such disclosure would jeopardize the security of the system or account.

XII. Other Cardholder Rules and Responsibilities

DragonDollars are non-transferable. Only the person pictured on the DragonCard is authorized to spend DragonDollars from that account. The cardholder may be required to sign a receipt for goods or services received. Cash cannot be withdrawn from DragonDollars accounts (refer to section V. above for refund policy). The cardholder is responsible for maintaining a valid DragonCard which is in proper working condition. The University reserves the right to terminate a cardholder's account privileges at any time without notice. A cardholder may terminate account privileges at any time by notifying DCO.