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Class of 2023 BIOMED Senior Design Showcase

BIOMED Senior Design Showcase

Senior Design Showcase

The capstone Senior Design Showcase is our way of providing a forum in which the project engineers (i.e., the students) can communicate their results to the community.

Each biomedical engineering student researches different aspects of the project to shape the design. Our design-centered curriculum cherishes and promotes this active involvement and creativity of the students.

Below you can explore each team's design canvas to learn more. A design canvas is a visual tool to communicate each phase of the design process of how the team designed a viable solution to a real-world healthcare need.

DrExcel Health Projects

DrExcel HEALTH  is a Drexel University College of Medicine student organization that, among other things, recruits practicing medical doctors and teams of medical students to work together with our senior design teams.

It provides an opportunity for our biomedical engineering students to work with doctors and medical students to identify a problem and develop a solution. Participating biomedical engineering teams (noted below) receive additional funding.

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2023 Senior Design Projects
Team 01

The ContextifyHub - Providing Essential Data to Improve Patient Outcomes in Neurocritical Care

Design Team: Iain Zwiebel, Victoria Gruen, Kacie Wheeler, Joshua Jose
Advisor(s): Dick Moberg, Moberg Analytics

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 02

Novel Ophthalmic Minimal Dead Volume Drug Delivery System

Design Team: Kyle Pfeffer, Rachel Grant, Victoria Triana
Advisor(s): Mark Hedgeland, Tom Meyer, Novartis

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 03

Assistive Mobility Device for Pediatric Patients with Lower Limb Injuries

Design Team: Nick Fioravanti, Lillian Cardonne, Madison White, Kianna Ly
Advisor(s): Dr Adrian Shieh, Dr Pramath Nath

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 04

Firmware to Induce Brachial Plexus Injury in Neonatal Piglets

Design Team: Ciara Budd, Rhea Jain, Madelyn Kim, Maryssa Erdman
Advisor(s): Dr Sriram Balasubramanian, Dr Anita Singh 

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 05

Dynamic Assistive Walking Device for Non-Weight-Bearing Injuries

Design Team: Cait Christopher, Rory Klingensmith, Garrett White, Sarah Cooney
Advisor(s): Dr Adrian Shieh, Dr Kelly Heath

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 06

NextGen Neonatal Shunt for Congenital Heart Disease

Design Team: Amanda Collins, Amelito Dalusong, Tahlia Detweiler, Shreya Srinivasan
Advisor(s): Dr Amy Throckmorton, Dr Randy Stevens

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 07

Customized Wheelchair Stabilization Device for Overhead Weightlifting Movements

Design Team: Christina Morris, Andrew Salah, Jernee Watson, Max Gadebusch, Kendra Chan
Advisor(s): Dr Fred Allen, Chris Kaag

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 08

Stabilization Method for Selective Motor Control Testing in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Design Team: Evan Charlesworth, Madison Titlow, Neha Kohli, Lauren Taylor
Advisor(s): Dr Kenneth Barbee, Dr Valentina Graci

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 09

Research Device to Measure Suture Force During Syndesmotic Injury Repairs

Design Team: Matthew Czaja, Milan Ghodasara, Dimitri Dogias, Ankit Patel
Advisor(s): Dr Sorin Siegler, Dr Thomas Sherman

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 10

Active Supression of Transformer Noise

Design Team: Jelan Haj, Jacob Taub, Christina Harry
Advisor(s): Dr Mark Schafer, Dr Kurtulus Izzetoglu, Dr Peter Lewin

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 11

Geometrically-tunable blood shunt for heart reconstruction surgeries

Design Team: Malkah Sheldon, Viacheslav Beliaev, Joshua Yang, Marie Trang, Carly Bachner
Advisor(s): Dr Chris Rodell

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 12

Molecular Recording System for Detection of HIV Activation

Design Team: Joan Choi, Dillon Possinger, Brandon Schuster, Jalen Winfield
Advisor(s): Dr William Dampier

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 13

Assistive Mobility Device for Parkinson’s Disease

Design Team: Renaldo Facey, Linford Smith, Monkasir Saber, Ragon Wong
Advisor(s): Dr Jaimie Dougherty, Dr Anh-Thu Vu

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 14

Advanced Hypercapnia System for Ambulatory Assessment of Cerebrovascular Reactivity (CVR)

Design Team: Branden Perry, Mahaiy Muhammad, Nick Ehring, Adarsh Abbagani, Zhangerjiao Yuan
Advisor(s): Dr Kurtulus Izzetoglu

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 15

Implant for Talonavicular Joint Arthrodesis

Design Team: Joe Ardin, Heidi Dailey, Chris Dionne, Bryce Furek, Jess Niebuhr
Advisor(s): Dr Sriram Balasubrmanian, Dr Thomas Sherman

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 16

Brain Computer Interface Development

Design Team: Ryan Huang, Gerrod Segear, Michael Mathews, Ramon Estevez
Advisor(s): Dr Hasan Ayaz, Dr Terry Heiman-Patterson

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 17

Anti-inflammatory Polarization of Macrophages for Pulmonary Fibrotic Tissue Regeneration

Design Team: Ariella Melincoff, James Gravlin, Weisong Zhang, Ilayda Erkan
Advisor(s): Dr Kara Spiller

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 18

Transcranial Ultrasound Transducer

Design Team: Dan Hendrickson, Alister Virkler, Catie Castelli, Ramya Ashish
Advisor(s): Dr Mark Schafer, Dr Peter Lewin

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 19

Quick change instrument for interfixated spinal cage testing

Design Team: Nathan Thomas, Manna Haile, Vrigav Narra, Aliza Shazib Chaudhry, Jhanvi Kothiya
Advisor(s): Zac Dooley,

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 20

Composite Hydrogel Platform for High Local Cell Density Culture and Experimentation

Design Team: Hannah Ma, Sunny Thorley, Shreyaa Raja, Brian Osafo-Mensah
Advisor(s): Dr Lin Han

Design Canvas (PDF)