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Class of 2022 BIOMED Senior Design Showcase

BIOMED Senior Design Showcase

Senior Design Showcase

The capstone Senior Design Showcase is our way of providing a forum in which the project engineers (i.e., the students) can communicate their results to the community.

Each biomedical engineering student researches different aspects of the project to shape the design. Our design-centered curriculum cherishes and promotes this active involvement and creativity of the students.

Below you can explore each team's design canvas to learn more. A design canvas is a visual tool to communicate each phase of the design process of how the team designed a viable solution to a real-world healthcare need.

DrExcel Health Projects

DrExcel HEALTH  is a Drexel University College of Medicine student organization that, among other things, recruits practicing medical doctors and teams of medical students to work together with our senior design teams.

It provides an opportunity for our biomedical engineering students to work with doctors and medical students to identify a problem and develop a solution. Participating biomedical engineering teams (noted below) receive additional funding.

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2022 Senior Design Projects
Team 01

Optical Probe Development for Blood Flow Monitoring during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations

Design Team: Nadim Amin, Rena Mathew, Giselle Matlis, Eric Obenschain, Nathan Ona
Advisor(s): Dr. Wesley Baker, Dr. Tiffany Ko, Dr. Kurtulus Izzetoglu

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 02

Post Operative ​Pain Tracking Application


Design Team: Ahsan J. Sarwar, Maria R. Ordonez Paredes, Keyan Cusick
Advisor(s): Dr. Marek Swoboda PhD, Dr. Joseph Sarver PhD, Dr. Aysha Hassan MD

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 03

Centrifugal Impeller for Pediatric Total Artificial Heart

Design Team: Gizelle Adriguez, Vinnie Caruso, Melissa Lyon, Isabella Miller, Katelyn Moore
Advisor(s): Dr. Amy Throckmorton, Matthew Hirschhorn

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 04

Retrofitting a Standard Walker for Parkinson’s Patients Experiencing Retropulsion


Design Team: Morgan Jerin, Anusha Kureekattil, Manisha Mathew, Dak Ragupathi
Advisor(s): Dr. Anh-Thu Vu, Dr. Jaimie Dougherty

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 05

Supplemental Zimmer Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) Cutting Guide


Design Team: Mia Obradovic, Sidney Ortiz, Melisa Uraz
Advisor(s): Dr. Thomas Sherman, Dr. Joseph Sarver

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 06

Introducing Neurotechnology with an Optogenetics Device and Workshop for High School Students

Design Team: Radiyana Mancheva, Hailee Mayer, Nhi Tran, Dennis Tuttle
Advisor(s): Dr. Catherine von Reyn, Bryce Hina

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 07

Translating Microbubbles into Nano-Scale Phase-Change Contrast Agents'

Design Team: Mikaeel Kassam, Ana Weggel, Kory Kratzer
Advisor(s): Dr. Margaret Wheatley

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 08

Intervention to Prevent Drop Foot in Hydrotherapy

Design Team: Aleksandar Gonevski, Morgan Gower, Tessa Mazzarella, Neha Nevasekar
Advisor(s): Dr. Adrian Shieh

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 09

Achilles Tendon Repair Bio-Tape Applicator


Design Team: Rachel Bernard, Riley Caffrey, Emily Hoddeson, Emily Shekhtman
Advisor(s): Dr. Thomas Sherman, Dr. Benjamin Freedman, Dr. Joseph Sarver

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 10

Supportive Speculum for Cervical Screening in Underserved Communities

Design Team: Kasey Bryan, Kebeh Maryann Oden, Amber Witt
Advisor(s): Dr. Jaimie Dougherty

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 11

Zinc Selenide Quantum Dots as Intracellular Drug Delivery Vehicles

Design Team: Iman Ayaz, Angela Mamatas, Anjana Nair
Advisor(s): Dr. Wan Shih, Dr. Wei-Heng Shih

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 12

Motor-Assisted Sled for Sled Hockey

Design Team: Ryan Kormos, Nicholas Falkides, Josh Sklar, Zach Messerle
Advisor(s): Dr. Fred Allen

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 13

Computational Pipeline for Full Plasmid Validation

Design Team: Dhwanil Patel, Jackie Tang, Dan Thompson
Advisor(s): Dr. William Dampier

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 14

Piezoelectric Finger (PEF) as a Tablet Coating Thickness Assessor

Design Team: Zarraf Ali, Karan Athri, Johnny Bonasera, Adarsh Sureshbabu
Advisor(s): Dr. Wan Shih, Dr. Wei-Heng Shih

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 15

Real-Time Adaptive Sequencing of HIV DNA using the Nanopore

Design Team: Mike Algarra, Gigi Carver, Maheen Irfan, Sammy Zhang
Advisor(s): Dr. William Dampier

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 16

Molecular Probe for Intraoperative Breast Cancer Surgical Margin Assessment

Design Team: Cam Gately, Brian Hrdy, Megan Rothgeb, Naseer Washington-Turner
Advisor(s): Dr. Wei-Heng Shih, Dr. Wan Shih

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 17

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Based Smart Alarm and Sleep Classification

Design Team: Ryan Byrne, Eric Kirchgessner, Christian Noggle, Adriana Rivera
Advisor(s): Dr. Hasan Ayaz

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 18

Personalized Rebreathing Device for Hypercapnia Administration

Design Team: Ashley Bishop, Zeal Jinwala, Vernika Saini, Jessica Salah, Dani Shoshany
Advisor(s): Dr. Ramon Diza-Arrastia, Dr. Kurtulus Izzetoglu

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 19

Pediatric Nasotracheal Intubation Assist Device


Design Team: Casey Fuoco, Sophia Macchia, Hannah Mikkelsen, Dominic Razo-Castañeda, Sarthak Sharma
Advisor(s): Dr. Aysha Hasan, Dr. Marek Swoboda

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 20

Liver Allograft Viability Sensor


Design Team: Tom Donnelly, Zach Noble, Ashley Ranere, Kyle Smith
Advisor(s): Dr. Meera Harhay, Dr. Kambiz Pourrezaei

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 21

WheezeSense Algorithm – Home Monitoring Device for Pediatric Asthma


Design Team: Kiana Colbert, Gina Liberto, Abbey Turley
Advisor(s): Dr. Pramath Nath

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 22

Blood Extraction and Dispensing Device for Guthrie Card PKU Test

Design Team: Gabriella Kupsho, Jack Newcomb, Rahul Rachan
Advisor(s): Dr. Amy Throckmorton

Design Canvas (PDF)

Team 23

Low Intensity Ultrasound Neurostimulation Therapeutic Device

Design Team: Luke Coleman, Pat Foley, Owen Gift, Binay Singh
Advisor(s): Dr. Peter Lewin, Dr. Mark Schafer

Design Canvas (PDF)