Drexel University has launched The Bread Lab at Drexel University, the east coast’s urban extension of The Bread Lab at Washington State University. The Bread Lab at Drexel University focuses on product development, nutrition and issues of health and access surrounding whole grains and our communities. 

In conjunction with master chef Marc Vetri, Stephen Jones, PhD and Director of The Bread Lab at Washington State University, and key academic units throughout Drexel University, The Bread Lab at Drexel University conducts cutting edge research on the culinary, sensory, nutrition, flavor and chemical aspects of promising varieties of grain. The lab focuses on nutrition analysis, recipe and product development, fresh local milling, and natural leavening in order to resolve business and social challenges of the food industry and to address issues unique to a major urban center. The Bread Lab also works with eastern PA farmers and local millers to bring value back to our communities.

The Bread Lab at Drexel University is located in the same academic unit as our food science and culinary arts and science programs and collaborates with Drexel's department of nutrition. The Bread Lab addresses some of the key issues of our urban extension center in areas of food, nutrition, and public health. The Drexel bakery hosts a custom mill for fresh milling, a pasta lab and is paired with 4,000 feet of industrial kitchen space and a sensory laboratory. Students are active participants in The Bread Lab's research and product innovation and ideation. 

Through innovation and discovery, and an appreciation of the culture and traditions that define what we eat, the Bread Lab plays a major role in moving food systems in more meaningful and just directions.