Health Sciences Programs

For a strong foundation you'll find these offerings of interest. The Department of Health Sciences offers the following programs:

Bachelor of Science Degree Program:

Pathway to Health Professions: B.S. in Health Sciences. >>
If you are sure of a career in a health profession, and want to explore options, try our pathway.

Two Accelerated Track Options

Advanced Study Graduate Certificate Programs:

Advanced Study Certificate in Complementary and Integrative Therapies. >>

Bringing it together: Helping you introduce complementary and integrative therapies to conventional professional practice.

Advanced Study Certificate in Holistic, Hospice and Palliative Care. >>

This program will provide practitioners the tools needed to treat the holistic spectrum of the dying patient and their family, while integrating an effective and efficient delivery of care.

Advanced Study Certificate in Integrative Addiction Therapies. >>

This certificate program has been designed for the wide range of health care students and professionals from a variety of disciplines who are interested in a delivery of care and services that focus on integrating complementary and integrative therapies into their conventionally based healthcare backgrounds, offering an innovative, caring and holistic transition to an underserved population.