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Thank a Teacher

The Thank a Teacher program provides an opportunity for Drexel University students to publicly say “thank you” to teachers who have made the true Drexel difference to them! Drexel students who want to participate should complete this Qualtrics survey which includes space to write a thank you note to any Drexel instructor. The Teaching and Learning Center will review submissions and share them with the instructor at the end of each term. With the student’s permission, thank you notes will be posted on the Teaching and Learning Center’s website. All recipients’ names are forwarded to the instructor's department head, as well as the Provost’s office along with their respective notes.

Student and Alumni Thank You Notes

Since 2021, we received over 200 thank you notes from Drexel University students and alumni. Read some of the highlights below.

Winter, Spring, and Fall 2023

Andrew Klimas, Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences

"I wanted to thank you for all the effort you've put into teaching over the years, as even a first year like myself can tell how much you try to help your students understand various aspects of topics being learned. Additionally, you made me actually look forward to our 9AM classes, because I was eager to learn from you, plus you kept us drowsy students both entertained and immersed."


Tara Liss-Marino, Academic Advising, College of Arts and Sciences

"Tara- Thank you for being an incredible UNIV101 teacher and advisor. From an advising perspective, you have been beyond helpful with all of my random and unique inquiries throughout the term. From a teaching perspective, you've been amazing with explaining all of the assignments as well as making sure we're all very well-informed with the important resources around campus. I always look forward to going to your class because I feel very comfortable asking questions as you've created such a welcoming environment for all of your students. Thank you for everything!"

-Riley Simmons

Arvin Ebrahimkhanlou, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your invaluable support and guidance throughout the term. Your expertise and dedication have truly enriched my learning experience. Thank you for being an inspiring mentor."

-Soale Seini

Mark Willie, Design, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design

"Mark's passion for design is inspiring and a large part of my success in the graphic design program. He channels that into catering to each specific student’s workflow and process to allow them to create to the best of their abilities, regardless of how he planned for the class to be structured before the term started. He’s always available to give feedback, a helping hand, a hello, or to talk about all things design, especially in the London scene. He’s not only helped me succeed throughout my Drexel academic experience but has given me the design knowledge and confidence to feel ready to join the professional world. I cannot thank you enough Mark.”

-Normandie Standley

Daniel King, Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

"I wanted to thank you for the clear tremendous amount of effort you've put in to ensuring your students understand the material to the best of their ability. Both through your teaching, and through your own research your effort is shown and appreciated. As a freshman who has only had you for less than one quarter, the various points of view of understanding for different concepts are extremely helpful, and ensure that each student can understand the material in the way that makes the most sense to them."


Mary Howard, Accounting, LeBow School of Business

“Thank you Mary for everything you do for your students from catching up on current events at the start of every class to supporting student entrepreneurs to answering emails after 10pm. You are a spectacular teacher and go above and beyond to make sure we not only succeed in class but also in our well being. We all love you and I thank you so much. <3”

-Julia Ryan

Summer and Fall 2022

Sheila Sandapen, English and Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences

"Thank you Dr. Sandapen for making a graphic novel course the most insightful English class I have ever taken! Professor Sandapen created open and welcoming discussions in class that stimulated my interest in the course and my knowledge of the topic. She always provided quality and kind responses to my work and encouraged comprehensive student conversation on possibly divisive topics. Every class was interesting, and I looked forward to our discussions and assignments. Thank you Dr. Sandapen for making an impact on my senior year and my time at Drexel!"

-Maria Kartsonis

Richard Grandrino, Engineering Management, College of Engineering

"I am really thankful to have had you as both professor and academic advisor. You have always inspired me to do better and guided me throughout my academic journey. Thank you for being patient, kind and exceptionally helpful. I cannot express enough gratitude to you, for how much you have taught me last quarter. You are an amazing instructor who uses creative great study materials, have an exuberantly positive personality, and always encourage me to learn. Thank you for being such a great teacher! You seem to have a gift for explaining difficult topics very well and your passion for the subject made me enjoy it more. I really appreciate all of your help inside and outside the classroom. It has truly been an honor to be one of your students."

-Reema Elizabeth Mammen

Diana Nicholas, Architecture and Interior Design, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

"Dee coached me through my first research experience at Drexel and inspired me to keep going. Working with her was enlightening and I learned more than I could have imagined. She challenged me and my perspective on the world while sharing her own life experiences and compassion for people. We’ve presented at several conferences with the work we did together and have stayed in touch since. She is a force to be reckoned with and I can’t thank her enough for the incredible kickstart she gave me to my research at Drexel."

-Serenity Baruzzini

Anne Dower, Health Sciences, College of Nursing and Health Professions

"Quite frankly, coming into this school year, I was absolutely dreading the thought of having to take HSCI 101 (Anatomy and Physiology I). My past experience in high school with this course had put me into a mindset that it wouldn't be any better in college and that I would struggle a lot. However, it's all thanks to you, Dr. Dower, that after completing HSCI 101, I have developed a passion and love for this course, and I am highly ecstatic to take the next course in the sequence, HSCI 102. I have never had a teacher transform my resentment for a school subject into great fondness. You were always ensuring that my classmates and I had anything we needed to acquire success in the course, and you allowed me to see growth within my academic career with your wonderful teaching methods, witty analogies and memorization techniques, and your well-organized lectures. I will forever be grateful to have had you as a professor. This certainly is a college memory that I will never forget!"


Nicole Iannarone, Kline School of Law

"Thank you for creating a nonjudgmental space for questions, comments, and feedback in this course! As many times as I've asked the same question for clarification you always take the time to explain everything in its full detail."

-Chris Mehretab

Winter and Spring 2022

Lawrence Cohen, Sport Business, LeBow College of Business

"I studied Entertainment Management with a concentration on sport, and for a long time the two components of my degree existed separately. Prof. Cohen was fundamental in helping figure out how my interest complimented each other and how I could use my degree to be successful in the industry. Almost all of the hard knowledge I have on the sport industry has come from Prof. Cohen, and if I have success down the line, it would not be my own. I cannot thank Prof. Cohen enough for sharing his knowledge and being a welcoming and supportive figure when it comes to the questions I have and the advice I seek."


Jeanne Waite, Entertainment & Arts Management, College of Media Arts & Design

"Prof. Waite provided me a sense of confidence in my academic and professional career path that has made me incredibly excited about my future in creative industries. She is one of the most engaging professors I have had the privilege to have had class with. She teaches through the lens of the real world, given us the information, tools, and techniques to succeed in a challenging environment. She is dedicated to the professional development of her students and always pushes them to put themselves out into the world, she believes in them when they may not believe in themselves. I cannot thank Prof. Waite enough for reminding me why I chose the major I did."


Cyndi Rickards, Criminology and Justice Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

"Prof. Rickards may be one of the most impactful professors I have had during my time at Drexel. I had her for a number of classes, some community-based, that focused on the concept of justice in a variety of ways. Through these classes, I feel as though my world view was challenged. Prof. Rickards taught me how to navigate the complexities of lived experience and how they collide with various facets of society. She helped me learn about my own place in the world and how I can use my platform to be a champion for a safe, clean, and equitable society. Lastly, she showed me that a big world is really not that big, and that we as people are interconnected by the struggles we face and that we can use that connection for the greater good. I owe so much of the person I am to Prof. Rickards and cannot thank her enough for preparing me to tackle an ever-changing world."

-Jarod Watson

Matthew Burlick, Computer Science, College of Computing & Informatics

"I have taken across various colleges at Drexel University, Professor Burlick is the very best the University has to offer. He taught in an insightful, interesting way that allowed students to feel challenged while effectively learning the material. During lectures, he would provide a hybrid format which allowed online and in-person student dialogue and interaction. This greatly enhanced our learning through the turbulent times of the pandemic. He taught both the in-person and online students with the same zeal and attention. This is something we do not see very often from professors as students feel they are not included in the course interactions. Professor Burlick created an inclusive environment regardless of where/how students learned the material. Furthermore, Professor Burlick actively used Discord to answer student questions regarding homeworks/deadlines/course work/etc. This was extremely helpful and provided an opportunity outside of the classroom to understand the material. Professor Burlick went the extra mile when it came to answering our questions and clarifying concepts. He designed the course curriculum to challenge students and think outside the box. "


Fall 2021

Megan Meyer, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

"Dr. Meyer is one of my favorite instructors! You can tell that she cares about the students she teaches and how passionate she is about the subject! She is also an incredibly kind person who radiates kind, warm energy. I will definitely be taking her class anytime it is offered."


Charles Stream, Physician Assistant, College of Nursing and Health Professions

"Thank you for being an amazing professor. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far. Your kindness and encouraging feedback has made so much difference in my life. It’s a privilege to have you as a professor in PA school."


Paul McGonigle, Pharmacology, College of Medicine

"Thank you for being so patient, encouraging, and welcoming to the program. Thank you for all you did, are doing, and will do for your students."


Denise Agosto, Informatics, College of Computing & Informatics

"Thank you so much for engaging readings, thoughtful conversation, and your kindness. I have spent a lot of time this quarter worrying I don't belong in grad school, but every week your class gave me a boost in enthusiasm, and a boost in confidence that I'm on the right path. Not only are you a brilliant scholar, you are a wonderful teacher as well. Thank you for all you do."


Richard Perkins, Arts Administration Online, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

"Professor Perkins, I just wanted to say again how great your course on financial accounting in the arts was. Not only was the course really fun, but I have already been able to put what I learned to great use in my professional work, my academic work at Drexel, and in job interviews. Thank you!"

-Joe Atack

Juanita Gardner, Physician Assistant, College of Nursing and Health Professions

"Professor Gardner, I want to thank you for the positive impact that you made on my PA school education. I was lucky enough to have you as a professor for multiple classes/small groups. Your positive attitude and greetings are always a great welcome (and even more special with Zoom classes during the pandemic). Hearing you share stories of your experiences as a provider taught me a lot about how to be a compassionate provider. I'm so grateful to have been able to learn from you throughout PA school."

-Maura McCann

Spring 2021

Amy Kratchman, Finance, LeBow College of Business

"Thank you, Professor Kratchman, for caring for all of your students and encouraging us to succeed in your class and others. Your investment analysis class challenged me in many ways and encouraged me to reach out of my comfort zone to find unique solutions to complex financial problems. This process has increased my confidence and motivation to solve any problem that I am faced with in classes and the real world. Moreover, I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my career options whether that is pursuing the CPA or the JD. Our conversations helped me understand how I can incorporate both my majors of finance and accounting into the legal profession if I choose to do so in the future. This has encouraged me to narrow down my potential legal profession concentration to corporate law if that is the career path I choose to pursue. I would not have been able to do any of this without your guidance. Thank you once again for all that you have done for your students!"


Sara Tomaszewski, Physical Therapy, College of Nursing and Health Professions

"Dr. T, you’ve believed in me since day one during my interview for Drexel’s Physical Therapy Program. Since then, you’ve continuously reassured me and helped me gain confidence in my abilities, especially when I had none. I really want to express how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication during those long lab days. Thank you for always challenging us to help enhance our learning. You’ve gone above and beyond by checking on me during clinical to see how things have been going. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and you’ve made such an impact in my life!"

-Amanda Luongo

Noel Goodstadt, Physical Therapy, College of Nursing and Health Professions

"Thank you, Dr. Goodstadt, for your dedication to each of your students - as future physical therapists and as individuals. Your passion inspires and your effort is always appreciated! I would especially like to thank you for time spent in private and group tutoring sessions when I struggled with Anatomy. You believed in my capabilities as a student and budding PT and urged me to keep pressing on. Thanks to your time, effort, and support, I am now progressing through the program and excited about my future career! Thank you, Dr. Goodstadt, for giving me hope and a fighting chance!"

-June Maloney

Kenneth Bingham, English and Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences

"Ken, thank you for always being the best and biggest supporter of your students. Your care and compassion never go unnoticed. Thank you for caring about more than just grades and a syllabus, and more than just getting the lesson done and finishing the week. Thank you for caring about the knowledge we gain from it and the fun we have learning. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. You are the one professor I will never forget. Thank you again for everything."

-Alexandra Passaro

Nada Matta, Global Studies and Modern Languages and Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences

"I want to thank Dr. Matta for being a great professor for GST 341. This class is packed with new information but she consistently tries to make it easier for us to understand and digest. Your knowledge/wisdom that you've passed on is something I'll carry with me far past my academic career at Drexel. I always look forward to your class and want to thank you for everything."

-Jaden Yanovitz

Winter 2021

Chris Finnin, General Business, LeBow College of Business

"Dr. Finnin was a great part of my first two terms as a freshmen here at Drexel. His dedication and excitement for our class was refreshing and helped get through each week. Every class was interesting and I looked forward to our discussions and projects."

-Sean Carver

Albert Vario, Goodwin College of Professional Studies

"I had Dr. Vario my first semester of grad school. Going to grad school over a decade after undergrad with a full-time job and young family is stressful. It's even more stressful during a global pandemic. APA was like a foreign language. Blackboard was even worse. I felt like giving up. But, Dr. Vario listened. He listened without letting us off easy. His course was the perfect blend of challenge and compassion. He forgave a paper because he recognized we were all at our wits end with a global pandemic and historic threat to our democracy. But, he'd still knock points if you slacked in the discussion board or missed a citation. He asked thoughtful questions and gave assignments that were directly applicable in a nonprofit management position. He provided a strong foundation for the start of my grad school career that I can now build upon. I'm very grateful for his intelligence and leadership."

-Elle Lamboy

Cordelia Biddle, Pennoni Honors College

"Professor Biddle happened to have been my first Professor to teach me in the Pennoni Honors College. She was an absolute pleasure to have. Every week we were challenged to push our writing boundaries and were always given the freedom of expression. I looked forward to class every Friday, knowing that I would learn from the best, and she was going to offer excellent guidance. Thank you for your time helping me on many occasions, and thank you for teaching the course of Writing History. I enjoyed every minute of it!"

-Jayla Johnson

Anne Willkomm, Goodwin College of Professional Studies

"Throughout my Nonprofit Management program, Prof. Willkomm has always been supportive and understanding of the challenges that can sometimes arise for an adult student. This has been especially appreciated through the COVID pandemic as I approach the end of my program while working in healthcare."

-Jennifer Valentine

Fall 2020

Brenda Dyer, Global Studies and Modern Languages, College of Arts and Sciences

“Thank you, Madame Dyer! French is a hard language to learn but you manage to make it as interesting and enjoyable as possible over Zoom. Thank you for spending your Thursday mornings with me and other classmates who needed some extra speaking practice. Thank you for understanding some days are harder than others and adjusting classes in order to better suit the mood of the day. You always have a positive attitude in class and it is so appreciated! Merci beaucoup!”

-Elizabeth Bucy

Roger Marino, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

“Thank you for caring for your students and encouraging us all to succeed. I look forward to your class because I know I will learn and have a laugh or two during the class as well.”


Kristy Kelly, School of Education

“Thank you Dr. Kelly for providing a space where we could not only grow as scholars, but where we could bond over our shared humanity. In a time of social unease and anxiety, you gave us a space where we could breathe, recenter, and recharge.”

-Neisha Young

Dana Kemery, Nursing, College of Nursing and Health Professions

“Professor Kemery took time out of her busy schedule to listen to my concerns, she offered comfort, encouragement and guidance when I needed it most. She is an asset to Drexel University, as she works for the success of all students, even when they are not her current students. I am a student returning to the classroom after nearly 20 yrs and her professionalism has inspired me to believe in my own success. Many thanks Dr. Kemery!”

-Jessica Gavurnik

Laura-Edythe Coleman, Arts and Entertainment Enterprise, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design

“Thank you, Laura-Edythe, for helping me every step of the way during my application and enrollment process in the Museum Leadership program! Attending graduate school was something I never thought I would do, and you have made me feel so welcomed. I also enjoyed having you as my professor first quarter for History and Phil. of Museums. It was a tougher class but you made it fun and informative and were always available for help. Thank you, thank you!”

-Dawn Snell

Jennifer Carroll, Nursing, College of Nursing and Health Professions

“Prof. Carroll went above and beyond to help her students. She is so passionate about teaching that she makes it hands-on even when we cannot truly be hands-on. Her passion shows in the ways she makes us passionate about learning topics we may not ordinarily be excited about. She made a very tough course, not only manageable but also FUN. She also tries to keep in touch with all of her students and truly help them succeed. She is GEM for Drexel University and should be commended for all the work she does. Students love her so much that they actually get upset when we do not have her anymore!!! Drexel is lucky to have her!!!”


Karl Sohlberg, Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

“Dr. Sohlberg really cares about his students and puts so much time into helping students be as successful as possible. He creates a learning environment where it always feels safe to ask questions and I never worry about being wrong because he is always kind in correcting students and confronting student misconceptions. Honestly, he made me really enjoy physical chemistry on a level that I have never before. After having him in classes it really makes me want to understand physical chemistry on a deeper level and he has made me appreciate the field of chemistry drastically more than I have in the past because he draws connections to many different areas, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. Great teacher and researcher, he makes you want to work hard and wants everyone in his class to be successful!”


Amy Saia, Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum, School of Education

"Dr. Amy Saia has been a role model, coach, teacher and so much more to many students. I happen to be fortunate enough to cross paths with her throughout my learning experience. She has inspired me to be straight forward, true to my beliefs, and to never give up when the climb seems a little too high. She taught me to reach inside to acknowledge and put a name to those natural abilities I had been demonstrating all along. Thank you for showing your strong sense of self and expecting us to show you the same. I will forever remember your support and quiet, yet strong push for me to share my passions with others. You are my role model and inspiration always.”


Justin Wolfe, PA Program, College of Nursing and Health Professions

“Starting PA school comes with so many new adjustments and so much anxiety, but having Professor Wolfe for Anatomy was so refreshing! I got to end every week of classes on such a positive note during Friday clinical correlations. He was so patient and non-judgmental with his students. He was able to provide a relaxing environment where all we had to do was simply try our best and learn which I truly did. His guest lectures for other courses were always so direct and concise. This period of my life has been so overwhelming at times with all the information being given to us, and it makes all the difference when you have a good teacher. Thank you, Professor Wolfe!”

-Sahar Jahromi

Dennis Gallagher, Health Management and Policy, Dornsife School of Public Health

“Thank you, Professor Gallagher, for your instruction, your guidance, your compassion, and your support. When I first enrolled at Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health, I had many interests but little understanding of how to apply them to make a real difference in public health. It can be disappointing and discouraging to learn about our nation’s healthcare system and the myriad challenges it presents, from lack of access and affordability to discontinuity and deep, systemic inequity. However, the wisdom of your commentary and the inspiration of your unwavering belief in the abilities of your students allowed us all to recognize the power we hold to right the wrongs of an imperfect but evolving infrastructure of health. Furthermore, you taught us how to incorporate the values of empathy, humility, and social justice into our professional lives. I can never thank you enough for the kindness you extended to me, or for the many times you encouraged me and offered your support. I hope you know that you are greatly appreciated and that through your lessons, you have instilled in us all both a greater understanding of the world around us and an even deeper commitment to improve the lives of others.”

-Thomas Jackson

Nina Kosoglou, Goodwin College of Professional Studies

“Nina was a big reason why I came to Drexel. I met her during an admissions event my senior year of high school. I was really anxious about going to college and choosing the right major. Nina was so kind and welcoming to all the FYE students, and I knew that she would be a wonderful mentor. I’ve gone to her with all kinds of problems and she always uses her magic to help solve them. She’s truly a blessing to meet and I’m so glad I came to Drexel because of her. She’s my role model in so many ways and I hope one day I can be like her.”


Nomi Eve, English and Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences

“Nomi is definitely the backbone of the Creative Writing Low Res MFA, from sending us emails congratulating us on our accomplishments, as well as answering any questions and just being there for us. She has introduced us to experienced published authors, given us creative opportunities within the program, as well as given us a new place to call home. Writers need support and creative guidance, and we are definitely being set up to succeed under her wonderful leadership. Thank you for giving us Nomi!”

-Becky Titelman

Michelle Dolinksi, Physics, College of Arts and Sciences

“In addition to being one of the most clear, concise, and cohesive instructors I've learned from at Drexel. Dr Dolinski will go out of her way to individually help students, make accommodations, or just chat about her research. A very open, kind, and enthusiastic professor; and honestly my favorite that I've had here at Drexel.”

-Ben Arndell

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