RCM Advisory Committee

In Fiscal Year 2022, Drexel University adopted the Responsibility Center Management (RCM) budgeting model, under which revenue-generating units are wholly responsible for managing their own revenues and expenditures. Full implementation of RCM occurred with Fiscal Year 2023. RCM provides a data-informed foundation for resource allocations and promotes increased transparency into budget decisions, enhanced stewardship of funds and incentives for academic entrepreneurship.

The new RCM Advisory Committee will be charged with ongoing review and improvement of the model, as well as with identifying any substantive issues or unintended impacts resulting from the RCM model. The committee will recommend refinements to the model and its metrics, as necessary.  

Committee Membership

  • Paul Jensen, Executive Vice President and Nina Henderson Provost, Chair

  • Anna Chrulkiewicz, Senior Vice Provost, Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost, Co-Chair

  • Gordon Richards, Faculty Senate BP&D Chair; Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Co-Chair

  • Brian Lorigan, Associate Vice President, Strategic Financial Services, Office of Budget and Financial Planning, Co-Chair

  • David Brown, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Donna DeCarolis, Dean, Close School of Entrepreneurship

  • Teresa Harrison, Professor, Economics, LeBow College of Business

  • Simon Giszter, Professor, Anatomy Control, College of Medicine

  • Xia Lin, Professor, Informatics, College of Computing & Informatics

  • Gina Lovasi, Interim Dean, Dornsife School of Public Health

  • Darius Graziani, Executive Director, Finance & Administration, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Gina Waters, Associate Dean, Finance, Close School of Entrepreneurship

  • Mary Ellen Sarno, Associate Dean, Finance & Administration, Dornsife School of Public Health

  • Aleister Saunders, Executive Vice Provost for Research & Innovation, Office of Research & Innovation

  • Sujoy Das, Vice Provost, Institutional Research, Assessment and Accreditation

  • Don Liberati, Associate Vice President, Business Services

  • Tom Gutman, Interim Vice President, Enrollment Analytics; Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management

Supporting Committee Members

  • Jason Gersh, Executive Director, Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost
  • Mitch Baker, Executive Director, Office of Budget and Financial Planning
  • Leah Cruz, Director, Office of Budget and Financial Planning
  • Evan Wallace, Associate Director, Office of Budget and Financial Planning
  • Doug Stay, Director of Research Administration, Office of Research & Innovation