Lynn Clouser

Assistant Director for The Drexel Collection


The interior of the Center for Black Culture Gallery with Nick Guzzo's photographs on display. Center for Black Culture Gallery Presents the Art of Community
The newest exhibition space on campus is dedicated to art showing Black experiences, beauty, and contributions. The current exhibition contains photographs taken during 2020 protests in Philadelphia over the unjust murders of Black people.
Plakat Polski. Polish Resistance Art Posters to Be Displayed in Drexel’s Rincliffe Gallery
The Drexel Collection’s newest exhibit, Plakat Polski: Selections from The Frank Fox Polish Poster Collection and Kenneth F. Lewalski Polish Posters Collection, will be on display to showcase the best of Soviet-era Polish poster art.
This globe, part of a pair of terrestrial and celestial globes donated to The Drexel Collection in 1975 by a member of the Drexel family, were conserved and restored to close to their original appearance in 2015 by Studio T.K.M. Restoring Treasures From The Drexel Collection
The Drexel Collection will host a lecture on Nov. 17 to discuss and display its most recent conservation efforts.
 A kookaburra from the Academy of Natural Sciences collection, photographed by Jeff Fusco. Frozen in Flight: Taxidermy Birds from the Academy of Natural Sciences
Birds from the Academy of Natural Sciences’ vast collection of taxidermy will be on display with fine and decorative arts from The Drexel Collection the Rincliffe Gallery May 20 through August 22.
The Morani Exhibit Art and Medicine Hold Hands in the Morani Collection
A new display from The Drexel Collection showcases art created and collected by groundbreaking surgeon Alma Dea Morani, MD. Morani believed that an appreciation of art made better, more humane physicians.
The Drexel Collection's toy exhibition Toys, Trinkets and Trifles: New Drexel Collection Exhibit Filled with Childhood Nostalgia
The nostalgia for childhood playthings is especially strong around the holidays. Relive your childhood in The Drexel Collection’s toy wonderland with a new exhibit opening Friday, Dec. 4.
A photograph of a man holding a gun from Larry Clark's Tulsa series. Drexel Exhibit Provides Perspective for Issue of Drug Use
Surrounded by the gritty photos of Larry Clark’s Tulsa series, professors from the Dornsife School of Public Health and locals who have struggled with addiction will come together in an event to discuss drug use and its impact on modern-day communities.
A man grimacing near broken glass. Awareness: Larry Clark's Tulsa Series in the Rincliffe Gallery
A new photography exhibit will highlight a gritty photo-style born from a photographer's experiences in Oklahoma between 1963 and 1971.