Top 5 Commencement Photo Spots on Drexel’s Campus

You’ve got your cap and gown, you’re going to get your degree, and you’re likely spending your last moments on campus as a Drexel University student. How do you share that experience with the people you’ve met along the way and the ones who cheered you on from afar?

If you’re looking to take photos of yourself on the University City Campus — with or without your cap and gown — there are a lot of places to go. Some are more obvious than others. Some are places you’ll probably see other people posing and posting from. And some may have more meaning for you than anywhere else on campus — for example, if you have photos from your early days at Drexel, try revisiting those places for a before-and-after shot.

Need inspiration? Want help with whittling down choices based on location and accessibility? Here’s a list of some of the most photogenic spots on Drexel’s campus to commemorate the end of your University experience.

5. Rush Alumni Garden

3301 Lancaster Ave.

The greenery inside the Rush Alumni Garden.

The private urban oasis hidden outside the Center for Black Culture on Lancaster Walk is one of the greenest, and quietest, spots on campus. There’s a fountain behind a polished stainless steel and black granite statue of a book (“Drexel Book,” created by Harold Kimmelman in 1986), as well as lots of greenery to pose in front of.

4. Drexel Park

3301 Powelton Ave.

The view of the Philadelphia skyline from Drexel Park.

It’s a little bit farther away from campus, but the views are unbeatable, It’s the best spot to get the Philly skyline in the background of your pictures!

3. Gateway Garden

Corner of 32nd and Market streets

Look east and you have the heart of Drexel’s campus (and some Drexel flags). Look west and you have the Philadelphia skyline and a place-marking Drexel blue and gold bridge (if you angle it right). Look around the corner, to the farthest west part of the garden, and there’s a lovely neon blue accent wall for a plain backdrop.

2. Main Building

3141 Chestnut St.