Drexel Updating Mask Policy in Response to City Lifting Indoor Mask Mandate

The following message, about Drexel updating its mask policy in response to Philadelphia lifting its indoor mask mandate, was sent to the Drexel community.

Dear Students and Colleagues:

As you may have read, last evening, the Philadelphia Board of Health rescinded the City of Philadelphia’s indoor mask requirement that had led to a change in Drexel’s masking policy earlier this week. The Health Commissioner noted that hospitalizations are down and attributes this to the public’s understanding of how to appropriately assess risk and wear a mask indoors. 

At Drexel, coincident with the announcement of this change, we are returning to the guidelines that were in effect prior to the City mandate. However, masks will now also be optional on Drexel’s shuttles. We recognize these changes are rapid and confusing. Cases of COVID-19 infection are still at a level among our population to continue masking in the classroom setting and a few other areas. Effective immediately, revised guidelines are as follows: 

Masks are still REQUIRED in:

  • All classrooms, laboratories and studios that are being used for lectures or instructional purposes.
  • Disability Resources testing spaces.
  • Ticketed events in Mandell and the Urban Annex Black Box Theaters, and dance studios (attendees must wear masks).
  • All health care facilities—including, but not limited to: Student Health Services, Occupational Health Services and the Counseling Center.
  • All health care rotations in the College of Nursing and Health Professions and College of Medicine, and co-op health care positions.

Masks are OPTIONAL in:

  • Non-clinical office spaces and meeting rooms
  • Drexel University Libraries
  • Shared workspaces (unless in health care settings)
  • Research spaces (unless when the space is being used for a class or if masking is required for research purposes)
  • Common areas of buildings including restrooms, stairwells and elevators
  • Drexel shuttles
  • University Housing (unless you are isolating in place)
  • The Drexel Recreation Center and the Daskalakis Athletic Center

At Drexel, we continue to do our best to keep restrictions to a minimum. Our community has been remarkable in assessing risk and following guidelines. We understand that pandemic restrictions and changing policies can be tiring. Please know we are reviewing all internal data as well as information coming to us from other universities and will communicate any further changes in the next week or two. 

Thank you for your understanding and for supporting one another through this time of transition and change.

Marla J Gold, MD
Chief Wellness Officer
Senior Vice Provost for Community Health

Janet Cruz, MD
Director, Drexel Student Health