Enjoy a Safe Spring

The following message by Janet Cruz, MD, Director, Student Health Services, and Marla J. Gold, MD, Director, Return Oversight Committee, on how to stay safe during spring was sent to the Drexel community:


  • COVID-19 cases on campus remain low
  • Keep up pandemic safety measures while you enjoy springtime.
  • Spring quarter remains hybrid; look for summer/fall announcements soon.

Dear Students and Colleagues,

As we look forward to spring — and to the promise of vaccination and the increased freedom that comes along with it — it can be tempting to relax our precautions against COVID-19. The Drexel community’s most recent COVID-19 positivity rate remains overall low. However, we did experience several clusters of infection (more than five cases connected to one another) a few weeks ago, reminding us we are not yet at the finish line. We urge everyone to continue to exercise pandemic safety even while you enjoy the warmer weather.

Stay Safe, Stay with Your Pod

Please keep using the pod system to socialize safely with a small group of friends on and off campus. Keep up the public health precautions — always wear masks, stay six feet apart, check in with the Drexel Health Checker, get your weekly or biweekly COVID-19 test, and wash your hands. Masks must also be worn outside on our campus where at least 6 feet of distance cannot be achieved. You are wearing a mask to protect yourself and others around you. Our neighbors feel safer when they see we care, and they see it best when all of us are being as safe as possible and our infection rate remains extremely low.

COVID-19 Testing Schedule During Spring Break

There will be no mandatory COVID-19 testing during Spring Break week. However, anyone wanting a screening test can still schedule a test during this time. Most screening testing will occur at the Race Learning Terrace site. Limited testing will be available at Queen Lane and New College Building sites.  Mandatory testing will resume at all three sites on Monday, March 29 for the duration of the Spring term. Symptomatic or exposed students can still access Student Health Services during Spring Break week. Remember to report your symptoms through the Health Checker.

Spend Time Outside

As the temperatures rise, take advantage of socially distant outdoor activities. Go for a walk, sit by the river, or find things to do around Philadelphia with Campus Philly's Spring 2021 Resource Guide. Drexel has designated several spaces on its campuses where you can eat outdoors while social distancing. On the University City campus, for example, tents have been set up at Race Street Lawn, on the fitness plaza by the Recreation Center, and in Lot R.

Get Vaccinated When You Can

Our goal as a community is to make our campus as safe as possible, and while Drexel doesn’t currently mandate the vaccine for students or employees, we nonetheless urge you to get vaccinated once you become eligible. If you live in Philadelphia, you can sign up through the city to be notified when you are eligible for vaccination: Vaccine Interest Form. If you have access due to your job or based upon where you live, don’t hesitate! While Drexel is not currently distributing COVID-19 vaccines, we are working closely with the city to determine how we can support vaccination of our community members. More information about our plans will soon be available.

Prepare for Virtual/Hybrid Spring Quarter

Instruction for the spring quarter will remain in the same virtual/hybrid mode as the winter quarter. However, if we can keep on-campus infection rates low, we are optimistic about the possibilities for more in-person opportunities in the summer and fall. Stay tuned for announcements.

Hang in There

After a full year of pandemic life, we are all anxious for the return to normalcy. Your continued care for each other has been truly inspiring throughout the past year, and we appreciate your patience as we move toward what we hope will be the final stages of social and physical isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please know that Drexel is working hard to get us all to a point where we can learn, work, and socialize freely and safely once again.

Take care,

Janet Cruz, MD
Director, Student Health Services

Marla J. Gold, MD
Director, Return Oversight Committee