Public Safety & U — February

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A campaign to raise awareness of vehicle theft. A new monthly safety presentation focusing on students. A successful military care package drive. In this edition of Public Safety & U, Drexel Public Safety is highlighting specific ways it is keeping the community safe, informed and prepared.

Drexel Police Raise Awareness of Recent Car Thefts in The Triangle

As detailed in a Timely Warning message sent to the University community on Jan. 22, Drexel Public Safety has seen a continued increase in motor vehicle thefts within and around the University City Campus, occurring at various times of day. In most cases, the vehicles were left unoccupied and running with keys inside. Public Safety encourages students, faculty and professional staff to be alert, take precautions and report crimes and suspicious activities:

  • Remember to lock your vehicles, remove your keys from the vehicle and never leave your car running, even if you are just going into a store for a quick errand.
  • Park in well-lit areas and do not leave any items, including small change, in view inside of your vehicle.
  • Remove any electronic equipment, mounting devices and power cords, which may alert potential thieves that the vehicle is equipped with additional devices.
  • Even if your devices are out of view and secured, a thief will often break into a vehicle to look for the equipment.
  • If your car is stolen, contact the police immediately. You will need to provide the following information to the police: the year, make, model and color of the car; license plate number; Vehicle Identification Number (also called the “VIN”).

The Triangle student newspaper recently published an article detailing the Drexel Police Department’s efforts to spread awareness about the uptick in car thefts and to promote safe, responsible practices for the community. You can read the article, which includes information and advice from Community Relations Officers Kim McClay and Thomas Cirone, on The Triangle’s website.

Learn About Situational Preparedness

Later this month, Public Safety will begin offering virtual, interactive and monthly presentations on situational preparedness. These Zoom presentations will touch on the following:

  • Students living in a new city and attending college are susceptible to encountering dangerous situations. Being aware of your surroundings and recognizing situations that are potentially dangerous are key to keeping yourself safe.
  • Although there are some public safety factors that cannot be controlled, there are measures students can take to prevent themselves from being victims of a crime. DPS will provide tips to encourage students to think and act accordingly — not to be scared, but to be prepared.
  • If a student is the victim of a crime, it is vital that they report it promptly to Drexel Police so that the crime can be investigated and Public Safety can connect the student with proper resources.

These presentations will be hosted by Drexel Community Relations Officers Kim McClay and Thomas Cirone, and the first one will be held Feb. 25, from 3 to 4 p.m. To RSVP and receive the Zoom link, please contact Officer Cirone at or Officer McClay at

Military Care Drive.

Annual Military Care Package Drive

In honor of Military Family Appreciation Month, Public Safety teamed up with the Drexel Veterans Task Force and the Office of Veteran Student Services last November and December to support military members by preparing care packages. Despite challenges from the pandemic, the community and Public Safety rallied together: Packages full of socks, travel-sized toiletries, candies, playing cards, paper, pens, crackers, gum, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, grooming products and more were sent to 110 members of the armed forces. The Triangle released an article last month all about the event. Read it here.