Gabby Frost in a Buddy Project shirt she designed. Photo credit Lexi Shannon. Meet the Drexel Student Advocating for Mental Health Through Her Nonprofit
For the last five years, Drexel student Gabby Frost has expanded the Buddy Project non-profit organization she founded that promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention — and she has no plans to stop.
Roberta Waite 11th Street Health Center Welcomes New Director
The College of Nursing and Health Professions has appointed Roberta Waite as the new executive director of the Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services Center.
The Secret Life of Postdocs, Vol. 2 The Secret Life of Postdocs, Vol. 2
In this Q&A with Drexel University’s new Director of Postdoctoral Affairs and Professional Development, Dragons can learn more about the biggest misconceptions and advice for their postdoctoral search.
Heard Around Campus Heard Around Campus — August
In the last full month of summer term, a lot has happened for Drexel faculty and staff to be aware of as they prepare for the return of students in September.
Paul Gabby running the TrasRockies Run Drexel Student Takes a Solo Run to Stop Soldier Suicide
Paul Gabby, a graduating nursing student who is also actively serving in the Navy, recently ran an ultramarathon to bring attention to veterans’ mental health issues.
SPAN 440 class. Students Find ‘Sanctuaries’ of Cultural Experience, Learning through Spanish-language Global Studies Class
SPAN 440 — a Spanish-language course aimed at introducing students to the meaning of “sanctuaries” — was built to offer unique experiences and context to one of today’s most-pressing controversies surrounding immigration.
"Upper Yosemite Fall" (1892) by William Henry Jackson. ‘Respectful Investigations’ Student-Curated Show Now on Display in Drexel’s Rincliffe Gallery
The Drexel Collection’s newest exhibit, ‘Respectful Investigations,’ was designed by art history major Nat Fry ’18 as part of his senior thesis.
James Galanos Drexel Exhibit Pays Tribute to Design Integrity of Fashion Legend James Galanos 
The Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection (FHCC) of Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts and Design will present a retrospective exhibition of work by renowned fashion designer James Galanos. The exhibition, James Galanos: Design Integrity (October 19-December 8, January 8-27 2019), will celebrate the artistry of James Galanos, considered by his peers to be one of the greatest and most creative of American designers of the 20th century.
Julia Turshen standing in a kitchen in front of a cutting board where she is slicing onions. Bestselling Cookbook Author Hosting Dinner at EAT Café Fundraiser
Julia Turshen, author of "Feed the Resistance" and "Now & Again" will host a four-course dinner at the EAT Café Sept. 11.
5 Facts Drexel Recreation Center Five Little Known Facts: Drexel University Libraries
There’s a lot about the Drexel University Libraries — and libraries in general — that Drexel students may have misconceptions about.
ferroelectric domain wall material Once a Performance Barrier, This Material Quirk Could Strengthen Our Telecommunication Connections
Researchers who study and manipulate the behavior of materials at the atomic level have discovered a way to make a thin material that enhances the flow of microwave energy. The advance, which could improve telecommunications, sheds new light on structural traits, generally viewed as static and a hindrance, that, when made to be dynamic, are actually key to the material’s special ability.
Fraser Fleming, PhD, head of the chemistry department in the College of Arts and Sciences, teaching the course. A Creative Approach to Teaching Creativity, Interdisciplinary Teamwork for Graduate Students
Two Drexel University faculty members from different disciplines have come together to provide a unique opportunity for graduate students: learn how to flex their creative muscles.
online Drexel University Online Is a ‘Greenhouse’ in Preparing Drexel for the Future
Drexel is anticipating future demographic changes that will result in reduced demand for higher education degrees — and Drexel University Online is one key to weathering the challenge.
From left to right: Elisabeth Van Bockstaele, PhD, who was recently appointed vice provost for graduate education; Koren A. Bedeau, PhD, who will serve as interim vice provost for global engagement; and Shivanthi Annandan, PhD, who will serve as interim vice provost for undergraduate education. Graduate College, Global Initiatives, Undergraduate Education Moves Announced
Drexel University's Provost announced updates on leadership positions in the Graduate College, Office of International Programs and on his staff.
A person's hand holding marijuana Pennsylvania's Youth More Accepting of Marijuana, But Not Using It More, Report Shows
A report by the Pennsylvania State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup, which is chaired by a Drexel University professor, found that attitudes toward marijuana became more of its use in recent years as the state legalized it for medical usage.
"Japanese dolls" by Tokujiro Nishi. The Drexel Collection’s Newest Exhibit Paints a Picture of a Japanese Artist
The work of Tokujiro Nishi, a Japanese artist who blended Eastern and Western painting styles, will be exhibited by The Drexel Collection for the second time.
President Fry Drexel President John Fry Discusses His ‘Civic Pathway’ in Community-Based Learning Class
Drexel President John Fry recently stopped by a classroom with student and community learners, as well as visiting Mandela Fellows, to discuss his views and efforts with civic engagement.
Lt. Col. Camacho retirement ceremony Drexel Sends Professor Lt. Col. Lawrence Camacho off in Style Following Army Retirement
Lt. Col. Lawrence Camacho will leave his post after serving as a Professor of Military Science and the head of the Military Science department at Drexel University since 2015.
The title of the legislation papers for the Affordable Care Act Obamacare Relieved Financial Strain of Those Closest to the Federal Poverty Line
While data shows that the Affordable Care Act helped people across the spectrum, a study shows that those around or below the federal poverty line benefitted most.
Dana and David Dornsife together with Drexel representatives and the Lindy family cut the ribbon. Drexel Purchases West Philadelphia Community Center to Expand Community Partnerships and Programming
Four years after the Dana and David Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships opened its doors to the Powelton and Mantua communities, Drexel University announced plans to expand the programming offered to the community with the purchase in June 2018 of the West Philadelphia Community Center.
Drexel Admissions professional staff volunteering at Arts Sphere, Inc. This Month, Use Your Civic Engagement Leave Benefit to Volunteer at Our Closet
In the month of August, the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement is offering several opportunities for benefit-eligible employees to donate to or volunteer at several local community organizations.
Philadelphia Freedoms. Tennis at the DAC? Yes, Get Ready For Another Championship, Philly!
Drexel University will host the World TeamTennis Finals at the Daskalakis Athletic Center on Aug. 5.
crystalsome Drexel's Polymer Pill Proves it Can Deliver
Selecting the right packaging to get precious cargo from point A to point B can be a daunting task at the post office. For some time, scientists have wrestled with a similar set of questions when packaging medicine for delivery in the bloodstream: How much packing will keep it safe? Is it the right packing material? Is it too big? Is it too heavy? Researchers from Drexel University have developed a new type of container that seems to be the perfect fit for making the delivery.