Check Out the New James E. Marks Intercultural Center

The exterior of the James E. Marks Intercultural Center.

The James E. Marks Intercultural Center at 3225 Arch St. has been open for some time now, but the space was recently renovated and equipped with special spaces for prayer and privacy. 

Within the center, there are suites for the Office of Equality and Diversity (OED)and the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life, as well as a testing center for students with disabilities. There are also three ADA-compliant gender-inclusive single person bathrooms, an interfaith chapel devoid of adornment, a Muslim prayer room and large spaces, lounges and hangout spots that can be used for events or meetings.

“This space is beautiful and affirming,” said Jesse Krohn, OED’s associate director of education and prevention. “It was thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of activities and purposes, and having this space set aside to celebrate our inclusive community feels really special.”

Take a digital tour of the new space through the photo gallery below — and feel free to stop by in person or reserve the space for your own event!