Drexel’s Incoming Freshman Class, By the Numbers

Drexel University's programmable backpacks for the incoming class of freshmen.

This year’s incoming class of freshmen is among the largest in Drexel’s history — but who are they (other than the new owners of “smart” backpacks)?

DrexelNow breaks it down by the numbers.

Class Size:

The number of freshmen in this year’s incoming fall class of 2017? More than 3,200 Dragons. For comparison, last year’s incoming fall class had 2,324 students.

Drexel’s yield rate is currently 14.9%, which is the highest the University has had since 2009. Previously, the highest yield rate was from 2015 with 12.7 percent.

Class Demographics:

These new Dragons came to Philadelphia from 66 countries. About 11 percent of the students are international students, and the top five countries in terms of number of new Dragons are India, China, Vietnam, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Domestically, Dragons came from 41 states, with about 74 percent of the incoming freshmen hailing from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts. Roughly 13 percent of students from the greater Philadelphia area are commuters.

Close to 13 percent of this year’s class identifies as underrepresented minorities — 6 percent identify as black or African American, 6.8 percent identify as Hispanic, and less than 0.1 percent identify as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. About 50 percent of the class identified as Caucasian and about 20 percent of the class identified as Asian.

Class Grades and Scores:

As far as scores go, the average high school GPA among these freshmen is 3.69 and the average SAT score is 1262 (out of 1600).

The Most Important Class Figure:

100 percent of these incoming freshmen are Drexel Dragons.