Drexel’s Record-Breaking Freshman Class Settles in on Campus

Freshmen at Drexel University's 2017 Welcome Week kick-off event at the Franklin Institute.

Before even stepping on campus, members of Drexel University’s incoming freshman class broke records. 

The 3,225 students starting this fall were part of the largest group of admitted freshmen that the University has seen in years, having received 3,500 deposits this spring (a 43 percent increase over 2016 freshman deposits and a yield rate of 15.8 percent, Drexel’s highest in recent years).

When these new Dragons moved into their new homes on campus this past weekend, they became the first class of Dragons to receive individualized, programmable backpacks. In addition to carrying textbooks and notebooks to and from class, these backpacks contain a unique code woven into their fabric (it actually looks plaid) that links up with an app to relay a customized bit of information to anyone who scans it. These backpacks are commercially unavailable, further reflecting how the University is uniquely helping its students prepare for their classes and be more creative and innovative in their everyday lives. 

As if that wasn’t enough, these freshmen made it into the Drexel record books for a third time this past weekend — although this accomplishment was a whole other ball game. On Sept. 17, new Dragons engaged in battle in Drexel’s largest dodgeball event of the year. Balls were thrown and dodged, people ducked and dived (and got hit!) and, thankfully, no wrenches were thrown.

Other standout activities from these new Dragons’ first weekend on campus included standard welcome-to-campus activities like the time-honored tradition of receiving a DragonCard (hopefully with a good picture!), learning about college resources, attending information sessions for both students and their families and shopping trips to the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus and the Target and Ikea in South Philly. Dragons also had opportunities to brunch at the Daskalakis Activities Center, barbecue at Lancaster Walk, party the night away at the Armory, and take free trips to the National Constitution Center and Franklin Institute.

To commemorate the first days of Drexel’s newest freshman class, take a look through the photo recap below.