Break the Code on Drexel’s Annual Day of Giving

Drexel's Day of Giving: 24 Hours of Impact

The Drexel University campus is on the verge of being overrun by amateur codebreakers working together to unlock a 125-year-old mystery dating back to the University’s inception. For two months, students, staff, faculty, friends, parents and alumni have been signing up to help break the code on May 24 during the second annual Day of Giving: 24 Hours of Impact event. And this week, a series of puzzles they’ve been receiving during the buildup will culminate in one final puzzle and a chance to break open a time capsule buried by the University’s founder, Anthony J. Drexel.

Last year, when Drexel launched the Day of Giving with a target of 600 donors, the results were a resounding success: 2,887 supporters donated a whopping $713,514 to their favorite schools, colleges and programs.

“The response to last year’s Day of Giving was overwhelming,” said Andi Bricklin, associate director of digital marketing for The Drexel Fund. “The goal was met by 10 a.m.!”

The Day of Giving map

This year, as the Drexel community works together to make gifts and break codes, 1,250 donors are needed —  more than double last year’s target — to open the capsule and reveal its contents. Along the way, organizers have planned a day full of music, food, prizes and fun that will make for an impactful, interactive philanthropic experience. You too can join in on the fun by signing up to participate at

“The Day is about making philanthropy fun and exciting for the entire community, and about demonstrating the difference we can all make when we come together,” said Ivy Lane, director of The Drexel Fund. “We’re hoping alumni, students, parents, faculty and staff members get excited about their impact and have a great time being a part of the day.”

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., there will be a live experience in Main Building featuring caricature artists and virtual tours of foreign cities. Members of the Drexel community will have the chance to unlock a prize box, share which aspects of the University have had the biggest impact on them, make a gift and help unlock the time capsule.

There will also be music in Perelman Plaza, and a scavenger hunt taking place all around campus, led by the @DrexelAlumni Twitter account, which will be sending out clues to the location of boxes with $500 in bonus money. The sleuths who find them will get to choose which area of Drexel is receives the funds. Everyone can follow along and participate throughout the day with the hashtag #Drexel24.

This year’s event will build off the great experience the Drexel community had during the inaugural day of giving, Lane said.

“We learned a lot about what our donors love and value at the University, and were so thrilled with the support from the schools, colleges and units that held events across campus, promoted the day online and got involved,” said Lane. “This year we have a bigger campus presence with more events, and we’ve added some fun elements.”

Bricklin said the University has worked with WKDU and The Triangle to keep students informed about what to expect on May 24. The @DrexelAlumni Snapchat will be staying busy throughout the day and there will be a special filter available all across campus for the big day.

“24 Hours of Impact is a day that demonstrates the true spirit of the Drexel community,” said Bricklin. “Whether you give or not (but we hope you do) it’s a day when students on campus can truly feel the impact of every gift. It’s a fun way for alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends to come together and share their Dragon pride.”