Drexel Quarterly Now Online


Since 2012, Drexel Quarterly has been keeping Drexel University faculty and professional staff members up to date with personnel news, professional development opportunities and staff-specific events. The print publication was sent out four times a year (hence the name) and will continue to do so — as an e-newsletter.

Look for the new Drexel Quarterly in your inbox starting later today, with a new edition every term.

In a spring survey emailed to all faculty and professional staff, Dragons had the opportunity to reflect on how they benefited from the publication — and what could be added to make the publication stand out even more. A total of 130 people took the time to tell us what they’re interested in, and the publications team in University Communications took those responses and suggestions into consideration when shaping the new Drexel Quarterly for the future.

That’s part of the reason why the Drexel Quarterly looks and reads a little differently.

About 89 percent of the responses signified that faculty and staff still wanted to receive the publication four times a year — a very good sign indeed, considering the publication’s name.

About 44 percent of responses signified that faculty and staff would prefer to read the publication online, with another 28 percent saying that they would prefer to receive print and digital copies of Drexel Quarterly.

A majority of the Dragons responded to say they were interested in receiving news about employee services, Human Resources and A Healthier U initiatives. Most responders also signified they liked reading about their colleagues through Q&As and the “employee spotlight” feature profiling a faculty or staff member about their life on and off campus.

Best of all, an overwhelming majority said that Drexel Quarterly helped strengthen their connection to Drexel, from keeping them informed about institutional and academic developments to letting them know about changes affecting employees to helping them feel more in touch with the institution.

Going forward, Drexel Quarterly will continue to strive to continue serving its readers in the same way — only its appearance will have changed.