Drexel PaperClip: Stories for Students, by Students

A screenshot of some of the Drexel PaperClip stories on its website.
A screenshot of some of the Drexel PaperClip stories on its website.

There’s the story of the transfer student, and the student with a custom-designed major, and the incoming international student. There are examples of clubs and organizations across disciplines and interests. Recollections of co-ops across the country and around the globe. Pictures from study abroad experiences on almost every continent. Experiences of people with different majors, backgrounds, experiences and opportunities.

And they’re all held together by Drexel PaperClip.

Like the practical office supply it takes its name from, Drexel PaperClip holds a collection of stories of various Drexel students — and they’re written by students, for prospective students. Launched earlier this year on iOS and Android, the app serves as a digital space for prospective students to learn from current students or recent alums, many before they even step foot on campus. Plus, the student-to-student connection adds a personal, and relatable, touch for prospective students trying to figure out if Drexel could be a home for them, and that’s exactly why the Communications and Marketing team in Drexel’s Division of Enrollment Management & Student Success created Drexel PaperClip in the first place.

“We wanted to share stories that have something that would be relevant to prospective students,” said Laura Marozzi, associate director of digital strategy in Communications & Marketing. “The stories on the app are written by students, in the first-person, which helps readers relate to the story and see what opportunities could be available to them at Drexel.”

The topics covered in student-written stories include academics, city living, co-operative education, research, student life and study abroad — all hallmarks of the Drexel experience. More than 50 stories have been submitted and published so far, with Dragons discussing their experience in one (or two, or all!) of those categories. Each essay, which can be between 200 and 500 words, will also include a photo or video of the student or their experience, as well as their name, major, hometown and class.

“It’s important that these stories are told, whether they’re written by a current freshman or senior or recent alum,” said Nicole Benson, senior project manager in Communications & Marketing. “We want to highlight that the Drexel student experience is unlike any other, and that those who soak up all that the University and city have to offer really leave the campus with seriously impressive stories.”

The idea of providing prospective students with authentic and personal student stories — and not just statistics or facts —is also unique. Dragons interested in sharing their Drexel experience can submit their content through a brief online form and see their story (reviewed by editors on staff, but only for grammar) appear on the app.

It’s as easy for current Dragons to contribute their stories as it is for prospective students to find, read and connect with them — because when it comes to sharing Drexel experiences, there’s no need to put a pin in it.