Drexel Hosts Its Largest ‘Inspire a Child to Dream Day’ Yet

Children of Drexel faculty and staff enjoying "Inspire a Child to Dream Day."
Children of Drexel faculty and staff enjoying Inspire a Child to Dream Day.

In what was the largest Inspire a Child to Dream Day in Drexel history, 192 children of employees got a glimpse of what they might be when they grow up. Like Take Your Child to Work, the Drexel event gives kids an insider’s look at possible occupations.

“We’re planting the seeds of different careers the kids could go into,” said Lindsay Norlen, manager of organizational effectiveness in the Office of Program Management and Organizational Effectiveness.

Seventeen departments participated on April 28, providing hands-on activities related to their specialty. Mad Dragon Studios had the young participants sit in the recording booth to record and mix tracks. The Kline School of Law went through courtroom proceedings, while LeBow College of Business hosted a session about personal branding. The Department of Public Safety walked kids through how to investigate a crime scene.

“A lot of parents like that one,” said Norlen of the Public Safety presentation. “It gives the kids a positive impression of police.”

The Lindy Center for Civic Engagement had one of the most creative ways of translating their mission to a child-friendly activity. The participants were asked to create a way for an egg to be dropped from a high place without shattering — but only a few were given all of the supplies they would need to accomplish this.

“The kids were extremely excited about the activity and were very creative with the supplies that were given to them,” said Janeile Johnson, assistant director of strategic initiatives for the Lindy Center. “They were also excited to learn about the concept of power and privilege, values which include the importance of sharing and being able to be good neighbors to others who may be in less fortunate situations than themselves.”

In addition to the workshops, the children got directly involved with civic engagement by making a card and donating a book to a sick child at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. Their day was capped off by games of soccer and kickball at Buckley Field before they rejoined their parents.

“It’s so fun to see a lot of the same kids come back, year after year,” Norlen said. “They have their friends, so they meet up again and catch up. Some of the kids leave with phone numbers so they can FaceTime afterward. It’s so much fun to see the growing friendships over the years, just from this one day at Drexel.”