The Most Amazing Drexel Study Abroad Photos

Mountain view from Interlake, Switzerland, by Tyler Pultro
Mountain view from Interlake, Switzerland, by Tyler Pultro

Drexel students have a lot to say about their experiences studying abroad.

But why not just show you?

The Study Abroad Office held a contest to showcase some of the best experiences and adventures that the University’s students had while learning beyond the United States.

“Drexel has become an incredibly global institution with so many exciting international opportunities, and our students are doing some really impressive, exciting things around the world,” said Erica Sebastian, assistant director of exchange programs in the Study Abroad Office. “These pictures demonstrate that.”

Sebastian felt the best way to help students share their memories would be to give them the opportunity to submit the photos for a Facebook gallery that everyone can see.

Additionally, she feels the colorful, remarkable snapshots may help inspire some who are unsure whether or not they’d like to pursue studying abroad "visualize" the experience.

Voting open to the public concluded Monday, so here are your winners.

1st Place 

Feeding a mother and a joey at the same time at Maru Koala and Animal Park, Philip Island, Australia, by David Fleishaker

2nd Place 

"On top of the world" in Barcelona, Spain, by Elizabeth Kwong

More remarkable submitted photos. 

Beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, by Taylor Collins

For even more, visit the Study Abroad Office's contest album on Facebook.