Drexel Central Now Open for Business


Drexel Central, a one-stop location for students and families seeking assistance with billing, financial aid or registrar activities, is now open for business in Room 106 in Main Building.  

Prior to the planning of Drexel Central, representatives of the offices of the Bursar, Student Resource Center (Financial Aid) and University Registrar reported to three different divisions at Drexel. Drexel Central merges the management of these offices as well as the physical locations of where students seek assistance, earning it the title of a “one-stop shop.”

“The mission here is providing extraordinary customer service for students and their families,” said Amy Bosio, vice president for financial planning and student financial services. Bosio has been at the helm of the Drexel Central project since its initiation more than a year ago, working directly with the centralized office’s Senior Vice President, Treasurer and Chief financial Officer Helen Bowman.

In addition to Drexel Central’s clear convenience for students and families, it also correlates with the University’s Strategic Plan to transform the modern urban university. One of the main initiatives of the plan is to intensify and improve the student experience, and that is explicitly Drexel Central’s aim.

Inside the Drexel Central office, students are greeted by an expediter who directs them to the proper representative—to a cashier to pay a bill, to a self-service counter for requesting a transcript, or to a student services representative if the student has a question about his or her bill, financial aid or submission of forms. If a student issue requires more privacy, small spaces called “huddle rooms” are available for further discussion.

All Drexel Central student representatives have been cross-trained in billing, financial aid and registrar issues, so students will only need to relay their problem or issue to one person, instead of two or three. And, Drexel Central’s website, which also launches today, is a helpful tool for students to quickly and easily get answers to their questions without visiting the office.