Drexel end of year The Best of Drexel: Looking Back on an Eventful 2012
As the Drexel community prepares to usher in 2013, we take a look back at some of the University’s top news items from 2012.
Stella Volpe Q&A with Dr. Stella Volpe: Holiday Weight Gain
Drexel's Dr. Stella Volpe's work focuses on changing one's environment to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits, which made her the perfect source for some DrexelNow tips on how to maintain—or even improve—health during the holidays.
Linda M. Abriola Abriola Engineering Leader of the Year
Drexel University’s College of Engineering has selected Drexel engineering alumna Linda M. Abriola, the dean of the School of Engineering at Tufts University, as Drexel’s 2013 Engineering Leader of the Year. Abriola, who is the first female engineer to receive the honor, joins a prestigious group of engineering luminaries. Abriola will be honored for her leadership in environmental engineering, her commitment to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and her endless contributions to engineering in an effort to improve today’s societal problems.
Norman Joseph Woodland, a 1947 Drexel graduate who went on to create the bar code system with fellow alumnus Bernard Silver, passed away at the age of 91. Norman Joseph Woodland
Norman Joseph Woodland, a 1947 graduate, who, along with classmate Bernard Silver, created the system for instant electronic recall of product information commonly called the barcode, passed away at the age of 91 on Dec. 9, 2012. The pair’s invention revolutionized the retail industry and is an example of a technology that has stood the test of time.
Maria Hnaraki What I'm Reading: Dr. Maria Hnaraki
Dr. Maria Hnaraki, associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, is reading Zorba the Greek, written by Cretan-born author Nikos Kazantzakis.
Scanning by a 3-D laser scanner of the humerus fossil from the dinosaur Paralititan in the lab of Dr. Ken Lacovara Discover Magazine Selects Drexel Digital Fossil Research for Top 100 Science Stories of 2012
Drexel paleontology and engineering research has been featured in Discover magazine’s January/February 2013 issue as one of the Top 100 Science Stories of 2012.
Mike Gombola Q&A with Dr. Mike Gombola: Understanding the Fiscal Cliff
Dr. Mike Gombola, professor of finance at the LeBow College of Business, provided DrexelNow with some insight into the looming tax increases and spending cuts that have been dubbed the "fiscal cliff."
Hugo Chávez Q&A with Dr. George Ciccariello-Maher: Hugo Chávez, Cancer and the Future of Venezuela
Ciccariello-Maher, an assistant professor in Drexel’s Department of History & Politics and a leading expert on Venezuela, has not only studied the nation closely, but also lived and taught there.
Emily Olson Life Through Her Lens
Recent Drexel alum and photographer Emily Olson looks back on her experience at Drexel and applauds the University for preparing her practically and artistically for the real world.
Bryan Sacks What I'm Reading: Bryan Sacks
Drexel professor Bryan Sacks is currently reading, The End of Capitalism (As We Know It): A Feminist Critique of Political Economy, by J.K. Gibson-Graham.
The Lafayette Tower in Washington, D.C. that will house Drexel's new office. Drexel to Open Office in Washington, D.C.
Drexel University has announced it will open an office in Washington, D.C. that will serve as a multifunctional academic and outreach center for the University and its online subsidiary Drexel University Online.
Barbara Hoekje What I'm Reading: Dr. Barbara Hoekje
DrexelNow spoke with Dr. Barbara Hoekje, director of the English Language Center, about her recent reading selections. Hoekje, a self-described “dog person” is currently reading The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs by Patricia McConnell.
Jamie Howard Drexel Engineering Student Experiences Co-op as a Hospital Volunteer in Mozambique
College of Engineering student Jamie Howard is spending her co-op volunteering as a part of the Drexel weServe program in the developing country of Mozambique.
Huron Consulting Services conducts efficiency assessment at Drexel Strategic Transformation of Administrative Resources
Drexel has tapped Huron Consulting Services to conduct an efficiency assessment of the University's administrative structure and services. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute to this effort by completing an online survey.