Exhibition to Feature Monotypes by Artist Matt Philips from Professors Private Collection

Exhibition to Feature Monotypes by Artist Matt Philips from Professor’s Private Collection
Drexel University will exhibit monotypes by renowned artist Matt Phillips from the Collection of Dr. Arthur Frank, professor and chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the School of Public Health, and his wife Joanne B. Frank. The exhibition “Monotypes by Matt Phillips” is free and open to the public. It will be on display from February 18 to March 20, 2009 at Drexel’s Rincliffe Gallery (Main Building, third floor, 32nd and Chestnut Streets). The gallery is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Phillips is best known for his monotype prints, which are created by drawing on a non-absorbent surface such as copper or glass and putting the plate through a printing press to transfer the image onto paper. Dr. and Mrs. Frank’s collection of Matt Phillips’ work includes flowers, nudes and scenes from Morocco, Jerusalem, Venice and Paris.Phillips approaches painting through several simultaneous avenues, approaching painting as both object and illusion. His work references various visual sources, including textiles, mosaics, pattern painting and op-art. The result is paintings that are formal but lyrical, quirky yet familiar. “By knowing Matt Phillips personally, we can see his personal characteristics in his work,” said Frank. “We enjoy the combination of color and theme in the different genres of art by Matt. “We collect Matt’s work for the beauty of his art, and display many of his pieces in our home.”Frank purchased his first work by Phillips in 1973, when his college roommate invited him to an art show. Since that time, Frank and Phillips have been close friends. Frank and his wife, Joanne, currently own approximately 75 works by Phillips in various mediums. They have loaned pieces of their collection to exhibitions at the Baltimore Art Museum, University of Kentucky Art Museum and Tyler Museum of Art in Tyler, TX.Frank’s major research activities have included the study of occupational lung diseases, such as asbestosis and silicosis. His research interests also include occupational cancers, especially those related to asbestos exposure, and he has worked in the area of agricultural safety and health. He is frequently invited to present lectures at universities, businesses and government agencies on occupational lung diseases, and routinely speaks at international conferences on public health and the impacts of asbestos. He recently gave presentations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. Frank received his MD degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from the City University of New York. He was trained in both internal medicine and occupational medicine and holds board certification in both fields. As a commissioned officer in the Public Health Service, he conducted research at the National Cancer Institute. He and his wife live in Wynnewood, Pa. News Media Contact: Niki Gianakaris, assistant director, Drexel News Bureau 215-895-6741, 215-778-7752 (cell) or ngianakaris@drexel.edu