High School Students to Learn How to Create Nitrogen Ice Cream Hard Foam and Slime During Drexel Eng

High School Students to Learn How to Create Nitrogen Ice Cream, Hard Foam and Slime During Drexel Engineers Week
What: More than ¬¬ 200 students from Philadelphia regional high schools will view a live demonstration on how to make eatable nitrogen ice cream, foam and slime during “High School Engineering Exploration Day.” The event is part of Drexel’s celebration of National Engineers Week 2008.Who: Divided into groups and wearing lab goggles and gloves, the students will mix borax and polyvinyl alcohol to create the slime and try their hand at making polyurethane foam used in home insulation. Visuals: -More than 75 students mixing chemicals wearing lab goggles and gloves -High school students watching Drexel students create eatable vanilla nitrogen ice cream using a 3-foot-tall tank filled with nitrogen -Students eating the ice cream -Students playing with the foam and slimeWhen: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 -Foam and slime created from 9:30 to11 a.m. -Nitrogen ice cream demonstration from noon to12:30 p.m.Where: Edmund D. Bossone Research Enterprise Center (Market Street, between 31st and 32nd Streets) -Foam and slime will be created in the Bossone lobby -Nitrogen ice cream will be created in the Mitchell auditorium of the Bossone buildingBackground: The undergraduate engineering program of Drexel’s College of Engineering is the largest among the nation’s private colleges and universities. ### News Media Contact: Niki Gianakaris, Assistant Director, Drexel News Bureau 215-895-6741, 215-778-7752 (cell) or ngianakaris@drexel.edu